Get Organized with Piano Studio Business and Planning Templates

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Get Organized with Piano Studio Business and Planning Templates

I discovered these helpful studio business and planning templates back in 2016 through Teachers Pay Teachers, and am excited to share the many different types of uses I have found for them. This Piano Teacher Survival Kit has helped me to brainstorm and get organized in different areas so that my students can get excited about what they are learning at any given time.

For example, brainstorming about seasonal resources led me to realize that I wanted to create a Halloween music list of classical pieces by level. I found a mix of well and lesser-known pieces that are high-quality, developmentally appropriate, and could fit a Halloween theme. This is just one example of how one idea begets another idea.

In this post, I will share my favorite templates and printables from the Piano Teacher Survival Kit.

Before I dive in, I want to mention that there are three versions of the Piano Teacher Survival Kit available. The Colorful and Simple versions include a colorful and black-and-white copy of all the printables while the Chic version includes only full-color pages.


Templates for Studio or Personal Planning

The monthly, weekly, and yearly planning templates and calendars are some of my favorite printables in this resource. The pages can be used specifically for studio planning or for your personal monthly/weekly calendar. I personally do not buy a dated planner each year, nor do I want to spend time looking for free templates online, so these reusable, editable templates are perfect.


Get Organized with Piano Studio Business and Planning Templates


Use in a Binder, Digitally, or as a Traveler’s Notebook Insert

You could print these and place them in a binder. However, with calendars and schedules I prefer something more portable. My preferred method is to use these templates to create a notebook which you can then insert into a notebook of your choice, or into a standard-sized traveler’s notebook. You can learn more about traveler’s notebooks here.


Steps to Create a Traveler’s Notebook Insert

  1. Figure out the slide numbers of the pages you wish to print within PowerPoint.
  2. Under Print, find the option to “Save as PDF” in your list of printers.
  3. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.
  4. Under print options, choose “Booklet.”
  5. At the top, click Properties > 2 sided /Booklet > 2-sided.
  6. Once you print the pages, you will be able to fold the pages in half into a booklet.
  7. Trim edges with paper cutter as needed.
  8. You may wish to use a piece of card stock as a cover for each notebook you create.

*For the monthly calendar, the squares will be quite small. However, you can play around with the sizing within PowerPoint and print settings to make it work for your needs.


Templates to Include in a Traveler’s Notebook

  • Blank or lined sheets for note taking – you can create separate notebooks of just lined or blank pages
  • I recommend combining the monthly calendars, week at a glance, yearly goals, monthly goals (your favorite printables from section 1 and 2) and combine it into one notebook.
  • Checklist templates can be used as personal habit trackers.
  • Workshop/Conference notes -it is helpful to have one dedicated notebook to save all your conference notes.

These are the ones that come to mind, but you could potentially print the entire kit, divided into different notebooks.


Get Organized with Piano Studio Business and Planning Templates


Business Templates

I do not use a subscription service such as My Music Staff as I run a small operation. That is where the business templates can come in handy if you are not using such a service.

  • Attendance Sheets – it is helpful for both me and families to understand how attendance (or lack thereof) affected the overall progress when looking back on the entire academic year.
  • Registration Forms -I do not have parents fill out an entire registration form to enroll. However, I use this to frame my conversations when conducting intake interviews with prospective families.
  • Progress Report Form -this is a ready-made progress report form with the categories already listed out for you. I typically fill this out for my own reference and go over this verbally during parent-teacher conferences.
  • Media Policy Form – I have parents sign this once when they join the studio.


Get Organized with Piano Studio Business and Planning Templates


General Studio Planning Templates

  • Lesson Planning Sheets
  • Lesson Assignment Sheet Templates – the student’s binder is a catch-all location for all their assignments and sheet music, which keeps things simple.
  • Student Repertoire List – it is so helpful for students to have a list of repertoire pieces they can play anytime, anywhere. Students can review the pieces on the list over the summer even if they are not actively learning new repertoire.
  • List of Games
  • Favorite Repertoire by Level
  • Incentive Program
  • Monthly or Yearly Themes
  • Practice Tips – if you find yourself repeating the same practice tips over and over, then it is worth using a template to pass out or refer to during lessons.
  • Composers to study – a great idea is to sprinkle in new tidbits of information about a composer throughout the weeks while a student is learning a big piece. Creating this template helps you to organize what you might teach about the different composers in an age-appropriate way.


Get Organized with Piano Studio Business and Planning Templates


Yearly Studio Calendar Template

The Studio Calendar is a standalone product in the store, and it is now included in this bundle. I love that it is both visually appealing and reusable from year to year.

A quick note that there is a slight learning curve to using this, and a video tutorial is included. The trick is: once you cut and paste the colored squares to use as a highlighter, the second time, cut and paste from the last spot from which you pasted. It will make sense once you start using it. The yearly studio calendar can be posted on your website or e-mailed to studio families.


Includes 150 Pages of Studio and Business Planning Templates

Check out this page to see all the studio business and planning templates included. The business forms are already filled out for you so that you do not have to create the content. At the same time, it is editable to suit your needs.

Others are lists that you create on your own, such as listing out your music games. These serve as a system to organize the resources within your studio, especially since it is easy to store things online and forget what we have.

Grab this resource today to get a planner, assignment sheet templates, and more. Melody has thought of everything a piano studio would need when creating the Piano Teacher’s Survival Kit. Should you purchase the kit, Melody offers annual updates upon request. You’re welcome to reach out to her if you have any requests for templates that would be useful for you!

If you’re looking for more studio business resources, check out the Quarterly Review Workbook for Piano Teachers and the Simplify Your Tax Prep: Mini-Course for Piano Teachers.

Watch the preview video below for a peek into the Chic & Glam Piano Teacher’s Survival Kit.


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Michelle Madasamy

Michelle Madasamy is a pianist and teacher who is passionate about instilling a love for music in her students through learning, studying, and cultivating skills with care. Michelle holds a Master of Science in Music Education, a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, and is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music through the Music Teachers National Association. She earned state certification as a K-12 music educator and received her training at a district designated by the NAMM Foundation as one of the ‘100 Best Communities for Music Education’. She has over a decade of teaching experience and has taught a wide variety of students, from preschool group piano classes to undergraduate music courses. Michelle teaches school-aged children of all abilities in her piano studio.

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