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The Best Rhythm Game for Teaching Rhythm Skills

The Picnic Rhythm Game introduces an accessible, fun, and memorable rhythm syllable system. It is a one-stop shop music rhythm game that covers rhythm patterns that a beginner through an early intermediate piano student needs to know.

A Merry Christmas Sight-Reading Game for Piano Lessons

Looking for new Christmas games to excite your piano students this holiday season? Your young students are sure to love playing a Feed the Nutcracker Christmas sight-reading game, and will ASK if they can do sight reading and ear training at their next lesson! Read on to learn more about these fun and educational games and how they can be used in group and private lessons.

10 Online Music Games for Fall

If you have never played online music games for fall, then you and your students are missing out! The changing season offers the perfect opportunity for you to shake up the piano lesson experience and give your students a new approach to common theory concepts and techniques. You don’t have to be a virtual-only teacher to use these ten online music games for fall – they are perfect for both in-person and virtual lessons!

3 Reasons You Need Piano Scale Trackers

If your students are bored with playing their technique, (mine are!) you’ll be very excited to see recently published major and minor piano scale trackers in Melody Payne’s arsenal of useful piano teacher resources.  In this blog post, you’ll read three reasons why you need these fantastic scale trackers.

13 Fail-Proof Ways to Teach 2 Octave Piano Scales and Chords

The Superstar Scales Technique Book 4 is the perfect resource for teaching 2 octave piano scales and chords, plus arpeggios! Book 4 can be used for beginners, but it is a particularly useful resource for late beginners and beyond, since they need to learn how to recognize the notes within scale passages in their scores.

3 Interactive Dinosaur Music Activities for Piano Lessons

The Dinosaur Color by Music Symbols Boom Cards Bundle is a resource that’s sure to make online piano lessons more engaging for young beginner students. These dinosaur music activities for piano lessons can be used with young students with no previous lesson experience, including in group classes for students ages 4-6.

4 Ways to Use Growth Mindset Coloring Pages in Your Piano Studio

Using the Growth Mindset Coloring Posters can help foster a culture of excellence within your studio. Whether it’s a studio-wide challenge or for individual students who need encouragment, or for studio decor or creative piano binder cover ideas, this is a versatile resource that can be used within your piano studio!

7 Creative Activities for First Piano Lessons

Are you looking for engaging and creative activities for first piano lessons that will wow your young beginners? In this blog post, I’ll be highlighting seven fabulous resources that are perfect to use during a beginner’s first few piano lessons, and sharing various ways to use these fun, yet essential resources and as a result, retain students longer!

4 Perfect Summer Piano Lesson Resources

Having specific summer piano lesson resources that can be used studio-wide, for every single student, regardless of level, makes planning so easy! Choosing a game such as the “Ledger Line Music Spelling Game” – a game that you might be too busy to play during the school year – gets students excited about summer piano lessons because it’s something fresh and fun (and beneficial).


At, our mission is to provide piano teaching resources, sheet music, and ideas that will help you and your piano students thrive!

Hi! I’m Melody Payne, a pianist and piano teacher, educational resource author, a fun-loving wife to the most wonderful and talented hubby I could ask for, and a lifelong learner who loves to share. I want to make your life as a music teacher easier by writing and sharing helpful and relevant music teaching articles, and by creating educational resources with your very own students in mind. If you are a parent who wants to enroll your child in piano lessons, I’d love for us to get started building those skills that can give your child a lifetime of musical enjoyment!

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