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3 Advantages of Using Games to Teach Piano Improv

If you have never used games to teach piano improv, then this blog post is for you! Games can be a powerful tool in teaching improvisation to piano students of all ages and levels, starting in the very first piano lesson. Here are some tips to get you started.

6 Spring Online Music Games for Piano Lessons

Springtime is usually a busy season for music teachers, so having a few sets of spring online music games you can pull out for easy review is an absolute win! Here are our top 6 picks (plus 2 bonus ideas).

How to Use Spring Music Worksheets in Your Piano Studio

Looking for exciting, fresh new spring music worksheets for your beginner music students? Look no further than this incredible bundle of 67 music theory worksheets, all beautifully designed and ready to use at the touch of a printer. Read on to discover four ways to engage your students using these unique spring-themed worksheets covering notes, rests, intervals, keyboard geography, and more!

10 Essential Piano Teacher Tools for Teaching Scales

Every piano student is unique, each with varying levels of skill, different learning styles and paces, and individual strengths. The task of teaching scales highlights the need for a variety of tools and resources tailored to each unique student’s needs. Here are my favorite piano teacher tools for teaching scales.

3 Creative Ways to Implement Easter Music Worksheets This Spring

Are you looking forward to spring and the new possibilities it holds for your studio, including implementing attractive Easter music worksheets for your piano students?  This beautifully designed bundle of activities will not only save you time (just print and go!) but can also be the springboard or follow-up to other musical Easter activities that will delight your students. Read on for some creative ways to use your Easter theory worksheets this spring!

Teaching Scales – Essential Tips Every Piano Teacher Needs to Know

Have you ever questioned the necessity of teaching scales to your piano students? Scales, chords, and arpeggios form the foundation of music. They enhance sight-reading skills and help students learn new pieces more easily. Teaching scales equips students with a broader understanding of music theory, setting the stage for their musical growth. Read on to discover my top tips for teaching scales effectively.

Your Piano Students’ Favorite Christmas Sight-Reading Games

“Feed the Nutcracker” sight-reading and ear training games are a blast! Your piano students will love the novelty of feeding the nutcracker after they’ve successfully sight-read a short excerpt from Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet. Read on to discover three reasons you need this amazing, novel game in your music studio today!

Cheery Winter Music Worksheets for Teaching Theory

Do your piano students need some bright and cheerful winter theory worksheets to encourage their review of essential theoretical concepts?  Here’s an incredibly economical bundle of four sets of worksheets, each designed to focus on one particular area of theory: note naming, intervals, rhythmic values, and notes on the keyboard. Read on to discover how these worksheets can save you time and enrich your students’ knowledge of these very necessary piano concepts.

5 Good Reasons To Teach Piano Students How To Improvise

If your own music learning experience didn’t include improvisation, you may be wondering why it’s important to teach piano students how to improvise. Here are 5 important reasons we should teach piano students how to improvise.


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