Recital Kits with Invitations, Programs, and Certificates — Just in Time!

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Recital Kits with Invitations, Programs, and Certificates -- Just in Time!

Recital season is here, and wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just hand you ready-to-go recital kits?

There’s so much involved in the planning phase including finding and securing a venue, preparing students for the event, and the list goes on.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if at least some of the many tasks involved could be simplified?

What if professional invitations, programs, and certificates were already created for you and all you had to do was fill in your information and print everything out?

Recital kits are the answer.

Recital Kits with Invitations, Programs, and Certificates -- Just in Time!

Recital Kits for Google Slides: Invitations, Programs, & Certificates

Two beautiful, coordinating recital kits are ready when you are! One has blush and navy floral designs throughout, and the other features elegant eucalyptus, marble, and gold designs

Having one predominant theme that runs throughout your invitations, programs, and certificates looks classy and elegant.  Nobody has to know that all you did was fill in the blanks and print.  With both kits you receive:

  • Welcome slides
  • Recital invitations
  • Landscape foldable programs
  • Portrait programs
  • Certificates

Recital Kit #1:  Blush, Navy, & Champagne Florals in a Variety of Styles

Recital Kits with Invitations, Programs, and Certificates -- Just in Time!

Picture yourself walking into the recital venue and seeing a gorgeous floral welcome slide already up on the screen at the front. 

Or, if it’s an online recital, imagine you log in and the first thing you see is a beautiful welcome on the screen.  This recital kit includes your choice of welcome slides. 

Just personalize the slide, display it, and you’ve now set the tone for your amazing recital.

There are 14 different styles of invitations in this kit, each one more lovely than the last.  My recital is a month from now, and it was hard for me to choose — they are all breathtaking! I finally decided on one that has a thinner border as it uses less ink.

The portrait recital programs are two pages long.  There is enough space for 25 students or even more if you decrease the font size. 

Alternatively, the landscape programs are for those teachers who prefer a folded recital program.  Within both types of programs, there are 14 styles, all in the same coordinating florals.

Many teachers award their students with a certificate of participation at the end of a recital.  If you haven’t ever done that, these recital kits make it very tempting to start this new tradition. 

The only hard part is choosing which certificate to use, as there are 12 styles of certificates in this kit, all continuing the same thread of attractive florals!

Recital Kit #2: Eucalyptus, Marble, & Gold Designs

Recital Kits with Invitations, Programs, and Certificates -- Just in Time!

Once again, the myriad of exquisite designs in this kit are astonishing.  You receive the welcome slides, 18 different styles of invitations in total, the programs, and the certificates.  Wow! What a value-packed recital kit!

The first nine types of invitations have a large, faint treble clef as part of the background. Then the same nine styles of invitation are repeated but without the treble clef.  The same goes with the certificates.

The choice is yours, but once again, all are so elegant it’s difficult to select just one style that will run throughout your recital. The good news is that once purchased, you have access to the files forever. 

Each year, pick a different style to use at your music recital.  You are a classy teacher, and this recital kit will help you reflect that class year after year!

How to Use the Recital Kits

Using these kits is effortless.  Here are the steps. You can also watch this video tutorial, which shows you exactly what to do.

  • Open the Google Slides document you want to work with.  They are clearly labeled a) Welcome Slides, b) Certificates, c) Invitations, d) Landscape Programs, and e) Portrait Programs.
  • Click inside the text box and delete the suggested text.  Then type in the information you need.  I found the suggested texts very helpful so that I didn’t forget important information such as including my email and phone number on the program.
  • Since the text boxes are editable, play around with the fonts and font sizes until you are satisfied. The default font is “Century Gothic”, which I found suited me just fine.
  • If desired, adjust the location of the text boxes, font colors, bold, italics, etc. to personalize the templates even further for your studio.  Only the background fonts and images are not editable.
  • Add your studio logo or a photo to the invitation if you wish.
  • You can look at samples of each individual document if you want to see what the final version might look like.
  • Print the final product.
  • Repeat this process for each different document.

Final Thoughts

This is the first time I’ve worked with a ready-made recital kit, and I’m already a believer.  Perhaps you, like me, have simply typed up your own invites, programs, and certificates, doing your best with MS Word or some similar program.  It’s a time-consuming task that has to be done every recital season.

However, a teacher’s time is very valuable, and the cost of these exquisite recital kits is absolutely worth it in terms of time saved (and chicness displayed).

And of course, my own handmade, typed programs and invites cannot even compare to the final results that I achieved using these recital kits.

Additionally, Recital Kit #1 (blush and navy florals) has no musical theme, so it could also be used to make stunningly beautiful wedding or party invitations and wedding programs.  Just an idea!

In addition to these two beautiful recital kits, there are several other designs that you can see here. If you need additional help planning your recital, you’ll love the fully editable recital planner. If you are looking for some extra-special awards to give your students, you’ll love these.

Snap up the Blush, Navy, and Champagne Recital Kit and/or the Eucalyptus, Marble, and Gold Recital Kit to use this recital season and beyond!  These customized, must-have recital items can be used for any instrument for years to come.

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  1. Irvin

    I do not have the skills, or time to learn the programs to make appropriate certificates. Seems like a no brainer to me to use a wonderfully designed tool which will impress those who receive the certificates. Why reinvent the wheel when such beautiful options are available.

    1. Celeste-tina

      I completely agree Irvin. And to also have the matching programs and invitations is a huge bonus! I’m using them this year for my June year-end recital. 🙂

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