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Your Piano Students’ Favorite Christmas Sight-Reading Games

“Feed the Nutcracker” sight-reading and ear training games are a blast! Your piano students will love the novelty of feeding the nutcracker after they’ve successfully sight-read a short excerpt from Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet. Read on to discover three reasons you need this amazing, novel game in your music studio today!

A Merry Christmas Sight-Reading Game for Piano Lessons

Looking for new Christmas games to excite your piano students this holiday season? Your young students are sure to love playing a Feed the Nutcracker Christmas sight-reading game, and will ASK if they can do sight reading and ear training at their next lesson! Read on to learn more about these fun and educational games and how they can be used in group and private lessons.

4 Perfect Summer Piano Lesson Resources

Having specific summer piano lesson resources that can be used studio-wide, for every single student, regardless of level, makes planning so easy! Choosing a game such as the “Ledger Line Music Spelling Game” – a game that you might be too busy to play during the school year – gets students excited about summer piano lessons because it’s something fresh and fun (and beneficial).

4 Reasons to Use Feed the Music Monster Treble Clef Ledger Lines Sight-Reading Game

Looking for a different way for your piano students to practice their ear training and sight reading skills? Feed the Music Monster is an exceptionally fun and hands-on game that will grab your students’ interest and help them learn at the same time. Music history, anyone? This game has that too! Read on to discover four excellent reasons to use this game in your studio.

My 3 Favorite Piano Sight-Reading Resources to Use in Piano Lessons

It’s challenging to find piano sight-reading resources that appeal to students and address the need for rhythmic accuracy from the onset. To ensure students are developing their sense of pulse, it’s best to practice sight-reading during the piano lesson. Here are 3 of my favorite piano sight-reading resources.

Develop Strong Sight-Readers with “The Great Sight-Reading Challenge”

Sight-reading is an incredibly valuable skill for musicians. While some piano students naturally gravitate towards exploring new music and sight-reading fearlessly, others are more hesitant to begin developing this important skill. I created “The Great Sight-Reading Challenge” to give all of my students some sight-reading motivation and to challenge them to sight-read three pieces or sight-reading flash cards/exercises each day at the piano and to help them become strong sight-readers.

Basketball Dribble Specs in Piano Lessons? Yes Please!

When students are sight-reading, why should they learn to keep their eyes up and on the page and not on their fingers or the piano keys? There are a lot of reasons, but one of my favorites is that it increases fluency in reading music. Visit the blog to learn how use basketball dribble glasses to help kids and beginners of all ages learn to sight-read with greater accuracy and confidence, and try this fun piano teaching idea in your own studio!


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