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Tutorials and technology for teaching piano lessons online.

6 Spring Online Music Games for Piano Lessons

Springtime is usually a busy season for music teachers, so having a few sets of spring online music games you can pull out for easy review is an absolute win! Here are our top 6 picks (plus 2 bonus ideas).

4 Creative Winter Online Music Games for Piano Lessons

Get the perfect winter online music games with the Color by Music Winter Boom™ Cards Piano Lessons Bundle. Look inside each of the 4 winter games that teach and review music theory as students reveal a colorful winter scene.

3 Interactive Dinosaur Music Activities for Piano Lessons

The Dinosaur Color by Music Symbols Boom Cards Bundle is a resource that’s sure to make online piano lessons more engaging for young beginner students. These dinosaur music activities for piano lessons can be used with young students with no previous lesson experience, including in group classes for students ages 4-6.

10 Ways to Use Sight-Reading Games in Piano Lessons

The Feed the Music Monster Piano Sight-Reading Games Bundle can be used for sight-reading games in piano lessons, plus ear-training, solfege singing, online lessons, and group classes, with students of all ages. In this article you’ll find tips for adapting the sight-reading cards for group classes and online lessons. There are even ideas on how the cards can be used for simple ensemble activities in group piano classes.

10 Tips and Ideas to Improve Your Piano Teaching

Whether you’re looking for help with running your piano teaching business, practical ideas for teaching certain pieces or age groups, piano student gift ideas, or help with technology for piano teachers, you’re going to find something helpful to improve your piano teaching in our ultimate blog post roundup.

3 Easy Ways to Use Printable Games in Online Piano Lessons

Raise your hand if your students love playing games in piano lessons as much as mine do! Playing games in in-person piano lessons is very easy. All we have to do is grab the game from the shelf and play. But what about our online students? How can we continue to play our students’ favorite games in online piano lessons? How can we infuse more fun and interaction into online piano lessons? It’s much easier than you might think! Keep reading to learn 3 easy ways to use printable games in online piano lessons.

How To Create a QR Code for Your Piano Recital Program

I don’t know about you, but I get frustrated printing programs for my recitals only to throw so many away afterward. So this year, I decided to try something different by creating a QR code for a digital piano recital program! This quick and easy tutorial will show you step by step how to create your own QR code so you can easily share a digital version of your piano recital program with your audience.

10 Favorite Freebies for Piano Teachers

Did you know there’s an entire library of free resources on my website that were created just for you and your piano studio? Today I’m going to take you on a quick tour of my 10 favorite freebies for piano teachers so you can download and start using them today.

Teaching Pre-Recorded Video Piano Lessons: A Free Mini-Course

In this free mini-course, I’m answering all of your questions about pre-recorded video lessons. And there are some fantastic questions! I’ve also included demonstration videos of pre-recorded video lessons to give you an idea of how easy they are and what a great addition to your skillset and lesson options they can be.


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Hi! I’m Melody Payne, a pianist and piano teacher, educational resource author, a fun-loving wife to the most wonderful and talented hubby I could ask for, and a lifelong learner who loves to share. I want to make your life as a music teacher easier by writing and sharing helpful and relevant music teaching articles, and by creating educational resources with your very own students in mind. If you are a parent who wants to enroll your child in piano lessons, I’d love for us to get started building those skills that can give your child a lifetime of musical enjoyment!

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