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Cheery Winter Music Worksheets for Teaching Theory

Do your piano students need some bright and cheerful winter theory worksheets to encourage their review of essential theoretical concepts?  Here’s an incredibly economical bundle of four sets of worksheets, each designed to focus on one particular area of theory: note naming, intervals, rhythmic values, and notes on the keyboard. Read on to discover how these worksheets can save you time and enrich your students’ knowledge of these very necessary piano concepts.

A Merry Christmas Sight-Reading Game for Piano Lessons

Looking for new Christmas games to excite your piano students this holiday season? Your young students are sure to love playing a Feed the Nutcracker Christmas sight-reading game, and will ASK if they can do sight reading and ear training at their next lesson! Read on to learn more about these fun and educational games and how they can be used in group and private lessons.

7 Creative Activities for First Piano Lessons

Are you looking for engaging and creative activities for first piano lessons that will wow your young beginners? In this blog post, I’ll be highlighting seven fabulous resources that are perfect to use during a beginner’s first few piano lessons, and sharing various ways to use these fun, yet essential resources and as a result, retain students longer!

7 Unique Ways to Rock Your First Month of Piano Lessons with Activities Students Love

Want to rock your first month of teaching very young beginner piano students and ensure that they keep coming back for more lessons? This exciting, creative, very affordable bundle of 14 resources will save you time and money. Your students will love the games and activities, and you’ll love the positive results!

5 Ways to Use Music Coloring Pages for First Piano Lessons

Calling all unicorns and dinosaurs enthusiasts! Here are some free or very low-cost music colouring worksheets designed to help young beginner piano students review finger numbers, piano keys, basic music symbols, and notes of the middle C position. Read on to discover five ways to use these adorable colouring pages today!

The Perfect Middle C Note Reading Game for Beginning Piano Students

The Middle C Note Reading Game is a fun tool for helping beginning students develop fluency as they learn songs that use what is traditionally referred to as “Middle C Position notes”. Students will feel more confident learning new notes beyond F3-G4 as they learn to sight-read these notes faster.

8 Easy Games to Play in a First Piano Lesson

Life as a piano teacher can be pretty demanding at times. If you feel like you’re spending all of your spare time trying to plan the perfect piano lesson for your new beginners, you’re not alone. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to 8 quick and easy games to play in a first piano lesson that are packed with musical benefits.

Preschool Rhythm Activity Cards for Engaging Piano Lessons

These preschool rhythm activity cards are my go-to cards for teaching rhythmic values and time signatures to all of my preschool piano students. They are a must for the preschool piano teacher’s toolbox, and are a resource I wish I had when I was starting out teaching piano lessons to preschoolers.

The Perfect Keyboard Geography Game for Beginner Piano Lessons

The Piano Keys Spelling Bee Game is the perfect keyboard geography game for preschool and kindergarten piano students! The skills needed to play the game are exactly what students in this age range are working on in school.


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