How to Prepare for a Christmas Piano Recital

Piano teacher and piano student at the Christmas recital

Hello, friends! Piano recital season is in full swing, and my piano students are having a Christmas recital in November (I know, that’s SO early, but you know how it is when the holiday events start filing up the calendar!). They’ve been working diligently on their solos since September, and I have loved every minute of spending all of our time these past several weeks on Christmas music.

The kids have been ecstatic to work solely on Christmas music, which is a HUGE change of pace for them, and for me too!

Piano Recital Decorations

My piano recital to-do list is getting shorter and shorter, and that’s fantastic since there are only a few more days until the recital!

As I continue working through my piano recital to-do list, today I’m working on preparing my students’ certificates and choosing a photo backdrop to order, and I wanted to share with you an easy way to put together a beautiful and cohesive look for your Christmas recital. You can read all about the adventures of the photo backdrop in this post.

Piano Recital Programs and Certificates

The certificates are from this Recital Kit, which can be used for any instrument. The kit includes invitation templates, portrait recital program templates, landscape recital program templates, and templates for certificates.

Watch the easy tutorial video here.

The certificates are so simple to prepare! They are in Google Slides, and all you have to do is type! They’re a beautiful rustic Christmas theme this year, and they come in five colors: green, red, gray, blue, and brown.

They have a lovely rustic wood background, and the winter landscape decorating them is all white, as is the text. Here’s an example with a fake name and date on it, to protect the privacy of my students:


Each item within the kit comes in all five colors, so there are a ton of options to choose from! You could do an all red recital one year, an all green one the next, or you can use all five colors the same year! I went with red and green this time, and I still have tons of options for next year!

If you want to make preparing for your Christmas recital a piece of cake, you can purchase the recital kit here.

Love the idea of a recital kit, but looking for a different design? Check out the other designs here!

Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a fun and easy idea for gifts to give your students after their piano recital, you can download a free list of over 55 ideas, and here’s a tutorial on how to make word art student gifts that they’ll love!

Piano Recital Planning Guide

To make recital planning super easy, here’s an amazing recital planning checklist just for you! Click the image to download. Happy recital planning, and I hope you have a beautiful holiday season!

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