Fun and Affordable Gift Ideas for Your Piano Students

‘Tis the season for giving! During the Christmas season, or ANY season, giving gifts is one of my favorite things, and I’ve compiled a list of over 55 gift ideas for your piano students! The price range varies from a dollar or two to several dollars. Many of the ideas are less than $5, so these gifts ideas are very affordable, even for a large studio or music class!

The ideas range from music-themed book bags, to baked goodies, to composer bobble heads (awesome, right? – I’m totally going to get some of those for my own studio!), and I’m so excited to share the list with you!

Beautiful gift box with white ribbon

In addition to the 55+ gift ideas on the list, the list also includes a blank page so you can write down even more fun and fabulous gift ideas for your piano students! If you’re ready to stop pulling your hair out trying to think of gift ideas for your students year after year (as I am), you’ll be so happy to have this collection of ideas!

Grab it right here and give yourself some peace of mind during this busy and hectic (and beautiful!) season. If we can have one less thing to think about, that gives us more time to do what we really should be doing: spending our precious time off with our special loved ones.

Want to grab the list and make your life a million times simpler?

Well, maybe not a million, but at least a little! Sign up for my free resource library below and become a gift-giving superstar! Hope you enjoy!

In addition to the more than 55 gift ideas in this download, here’s one more extremely affordable gift idea. This idea has been a huge hit among many teachers since then! My students absolutely LOVED this personalized gift, and I still enjoy looking back at the descriptive words they chose for themselves. It brings back so many sweet memories of the students who are no longer in my studio, as well as the students who have been in my studio for a number of years.

Click here to read the original post and learn more about this fun gift idea.






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