How to Plan an Amazing Piano Recital with this Free Recital Planning Guide

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Is your studio recital coming up soon? Need help organizing the details (decorations, food, gifts, and awards) and planning the perfect day for your piano students? If you want to organize a fabulous piano recital, my free recital planning guide will make the process efficient, stress-free, and easy! Download the checklist and organize the easiest piano recital you’ve ever hosted!

Piano teacher and student at the piano recital

If you love checklists…

Hi friend! How do you feel about checklists? To-do lists? Timelines? Well, when they’re representing a HUGE project that is looming on the horizon, I LOVE them! When I’m preparing my students for a piano recital, things can get a little overwhelming if I don’t have a checklist.

Do you like to write things on your checklists just to cross them off like I do? It’s true, I write things on my list just so I can get the satisfaction of checking them off!

And if you need a jump-start with getting organized, check out 10 Trusted Time Management Tips for Piano Teachers (these will help you have TIME to use the piano recital checklist!).


One of my planning checklists


For example, here’s a checklist I worked my way through as I rebranded and revamped my blog a few years ago.

The back is absolutely covered with ideas and other things I needed to think about and do, and on the front, I’m loving seeing those immensely satisfying little check marks all over the place as I mark each task off the list.

For me, seeing the progress written down and checked off the list is a huge motivator!

This detailed heavy-duty branding checklist is from Allison at


Piano recital planning checklists

Back to the piano recital checklist I was telling you about. I’ve been using the same recital planning list for the past two or three recitals. It’s working so well that I decided to totally revamp the checklist, turn it into a terrific task timeline (I love a little alliteration, don’t you?), and share it with you.


Organizing a piano recital within a task timeline helps you:

  • Stay on task!
  • Remember WHAT you need to do
  • Remember WHEN you need to do each task
  • My favorite benefit is that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every year with a new list. All we need to do is update what worked or didn’t work, what we’d like to tweak, change, or eliminate, and our list is ready to go for the next piano recital!


This piano recital checklist is organized into several different parts

  • Pre-preparation (a few months before the performance)
  • Preparation (a few weeks before the performance)
  • Recital week (the week leading up to the performance)
  • The day of the recital (yep, that special day!)
  • Welcome speech (a sample is included to help you get started)
  • Recital follow-up (the week or two following the performance)
  • A recital-day packing list is also included, to help you remember everything you need.


Access the free piano recital checklist

With all the wonderful things checklists can help us with, what are you waiting for? Click HERE to access the Freebie Library and download the free recital guide, and get ready to host amazing piano recitals with ease! Additionally, you’ll even allow yourself the time and energy to have fun WHILE you’re hosting because you planned EVERYTHING in advance and delegated some responsibilities!

Now it’s time to go update my own list from my students’ recent recital. Things went exceptionally smoothly, and consequently, it was hands-down the EASIEST piano recital I have ever hosted, thanks to my trusty checklist and timeline.

What about you? Would like to share your own ideas of how you make recital planning a piece of cake? If you have an amazing idea that makes things a snap, do share, so we can all continue streamlining** our process!


Get the 100% EDITABLE version

Due to popular demand, the Ultimate Piano Recital Checklist & Timeline is now available in my shop as a 100% EDITABLE resource! If you can use PowerPoint or Keynote, you can use this fully editable planner to organize and plan the perfect recital for your students.


**Speaking of streamlining processes…

My hubby is a Continuous Improvement Manager at a manufacturing company. His job is, you guessed it, to make continuous improvements to the way things are done in the manufacturing plant to eliminate waste (breakdowns, bad product, time, anything you can think of, really) and make things run more smoothly and efficiently. The things he does and the changes he makes within that company every day are amazing.

If you think about it, what he does is SO much like what we do as teachers every day! For example, we work to streamline our students’ practice sessions, eliminate bad habits, and help them make continuous improvements in their performances and musicianship!

I don’t have a photo of his office wall, but it’s COVERED with a very well-organized series of color-coded sticky notes, organized into several different categories, which are his daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists. As a Type A teacher who is also an office supply fanatic, it’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! But I digress…

Click the image below to download my free recital planning guide, then follow the steps in the guide to make planning your next piano recital a breeze!


Piano teacher and student at the piano recital

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