63+ Charming Rustic Music Awards to Warm Up Your Piano Studio This Winter

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This winter, I discovered these beautiful rustic music awards that warm up my studio with affirmation and praise!

Ah winter!  Maybe you live in an area that has back-to-back blizzards and wind storms.  Or perhaps the current weather where you live isn’t so harsh.

Either way, once the excitement of Christmas is over, both private and classroom music teachers need to find fresh ways to continue to motivate their students to achieve their very best.

And when they do something special, awarding a charming, modern, yet rustic certificate is sure to bring a smile to students’ faces.  Enter these charming rustic music awards!

This beautiful, versatile set of certificates has many uses, such as:

  • Recognizing students for their hard work and dedication to music
  • Distributing to students at a recital, awards ceremony, concert, or Christmas, winter or holiday music program
  • Surprising a student who has done particularly well in a specific area during their private lesson
  • Sending a certificate virtually to a deserving online student
  • Giving them to non-music students that you may teach. Since the certificates are designed with no musical symbols on them, some of the awards are generic enough that they could potentially be given to any student of any subject. For example, there are awards for “Outstanding Citizen,” “Perfect Attendance,” “Special Honors,” and “Natural Leader” to name a few that could be cross-referenced to other subjects.


What’s In the Rustic Music Awards Set?


  • 63 ready-made certificates, all with a lovely, rustic, snowy theme
  • 5 bonus, blank certificates (one in each colour) so teachers can make their own awards
  • Available in five wintery colours — red, grey, green, brown, and blue
  • Set includes awards for private students, violin students, the music classroom, ensembles, and more!
  • There are too many different certificates to list them all here, but a few that caught my eye are:
    • Stellar Sight Reader
    • Suzuki Star
    • Choir Champ
    • Band’s Choice
    • Primer was fun, now on to 1
    • One is through, now on to 2
    • Dazzling Duets
    • Memory Master
    • Splendid Singer
    • Loveliest Legato
    • Excellence in Music
    • Pluckiest Pianist

This list is but a small taste of the amazing array of certificates in this affordable set. You can view the full list of rustic music awards here.


How to Complete the Rustic Music Awards Certificates

Once you place your order, conveniently you’ll receive an instant download on your computer.  As soon as you receive it and see how easy this product is to use, I think you’ll be inspired to immediately start typing and printing out certificates for your students like I did!

The process is truly easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Scroll through the certificates to get a sense of which ones would be most useful to you and your students.
  2. After choosing the rustic music awards certificates you’d like to use, simply click the text box that says “Type Here” in the PowerPoint document.  Type your students’ names, your name, and the dates for each award.
  3. You are welcome to change the font, the font size, or the font colour to suit your exact needs.
  4. Make sure that you have enough coloured ink in your printer and plenty of white cardstock.
  5. Print and enjoy the professional results!
  6. Alternatively, you can print the awards that you need as is, and once printed, fill in the information by hand. You’ll need a white pen for this so that your writing will stand out against the colourful background.
  7. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to print as many colourful pages as you like, you’ll enjoy the HP Instant Ink program.
  8. Another options is to export the PowerPoint file as a PDF and upload it to a printing company such as Staples. They will print them for you!


Ideas for Using the Rustic Music Awards

There is no doubt that music students of all ages appreciate being recognized for their hard work. However, they know if we are bluffing!  If each student gets the exact same certificate (especially if siblings get the same certificate), they won’t find these awards to be nearly as special as they ought to be.

The thoughtful teacher will choose the exact certificate that suits each student.

For instance, consider two sisters that I teach.  I initially had printed out a “Flawless Fingertips” certificate for both of them because in truth, they both actually played their piece flawlessly at the recital in December.  But then I noticed that there was a “Lead Sheet Legend” award in this set.

One of these girls deserved that one, specifically, because she had worked hard to learn “The 12 Days of Christmas” from a lead sheet.  So I printed out a new one for her.  Perhaps I should have followed my own advice and scrolled through all the various awards first before happily starting to fill them out and print them!

Some further uses for this gorgeous set of rustic music awards are:

  • Hand them out, along with a candy cane or other small gift, at your holiday recital in December.  Even if your recital has a Christmas theme rather than a generic winter theme, these certificates will still be absolutely appropriate.
  • Distribute them in January instead.  My Christmas recital was the last event before we took a break for the holidays.  It was a whirlwind of busy-ness right before Christmas — I’m sure many music teachers can relate!

I really had no time to prepare certificates for the recital.  Each student got a candy cane this year and loads of congratulations, nothing more.  However, I made a note of how each student performed.

Since it’s the new year and we are starting lessons again in two days, I spent this evening thoughtfully printing out carefully chosen certificates for each student according to how they fared at the recital.

I could not have done this on-the-spot at the recital in December, so distributing these rustic music awards in January just makes more sense for my purposes.

  • Hand out these rustic music awards during any month that is “Winter” in your hemisphere.
  • I live in Canada, so that means these winter-themed certificates could be used any time from October – May.
  • However, my friends in Australia and New Zealand experience winter during the opposite months.
  • This means that these very special certificates could technically be used year-round!  🙂


How Will YOU use these Rustic Music Awards?

I can’t wait to start handing out these certificates to my students in a few days and see their astonished faces. These awards are sure to bring big smiles, especially since my students will be completely surprised.

Remember that once you order this set, you can use it for life, making it a very economical set of rustic music awards, especially if you use them annually.  For only $6.00, you can’t go wrong here!


What are some other ways in which you’ll use these rustic music awards?

How do you personally make your students feel special with the music awards you use?

Grab your set today, get inspired, and then tell us in the comments below!


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Celeste-tina Hernandez

Celeste-tina Hernandez

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