5 Ways to Use Your Music Classroom Décor Bundle in 2023

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5 Ways to Use Your Music Classroom Decor Bundle

For many teachers, the start of a new teaching term is drawing near, and displaying new music classroom decor contributes to both teachers and students feeling refreshed and energized.

Give your classroom or studio a new, modern look with very little effort on your part, and impress your piano students and their parents!  This post will outline five ideas that are sure to please.

Not feeling creative?  Have little time?  We’ve all been there!

But this incredible bundle of twelve resources will solve the time crunch problem so that you can go back outside and enjoy a little more summer sunshine and beach time before the busy start-up season begins!

And the gorgeous watercolor theme on all the resources will help provide a beautiful, cohesive look to your studio, enhancing your music classroom decor even more.

Before I describe the five ways you can use this amazing resource full of music classroom decor, here’s what is included in your instant download…


1. Music Symbols, Terms, & Definitions Posters

  • An incredible package of 213 pages
  • Includes all the basic musical terms such as measure, quarter note, sixteenth notes, double flat, key signature, treble clef, etc.
  • Alto clef and tenor clef are also included, for those of you who teach cello, viola, and other instruments.
  • Where applicable, both American and U.K. terms are included, so print the ones you need.
  • Both the Italian term and the English definitions are written below the music symbols.


2. Solfege Hand Sign Posters

Solfege Hand Sign Posters - Kodaly, Curwen - Watercolor Music Classroom Decor

  • Includes 163 pages of diatonic and chromatic hand signs in landscape orientation; print the ones you need!
  • Available in a variety of skin tones or no skin tone at all if you prefer.  I love the choices that this package offers.


3. Music Quote Posters — Inspiring Music Classroom Decor!

  • Encourage and inspire yourself AND your students!
  • 25 different quotes to choose from
  • Here’s one for voice/choir students: That’s the amazing thing about music: there’s a song for every emotion. Harry Styles is right about this!


4. Music Rules and Expectations Posters

  • This is clever! There are five rules using M-U-S-I-C.
  • For example, “Make good choices.  Think before you act”.  “Use good manners. Be nice. Be kind.” etc.
  • This is more than just music classroom decor; each poster has a significant meaning that hopefully your students will remember and follow.


5. Watercolor Binder Covers & Spines — Unifying Your Music Classroom Decor!

  • 21 binder covers and four sizes of editable spines.  Write whatever titles & labels you want!
  • Perfect for classroom, home organization binders, piano teacher, or music student binders.


6. International Phonetic Alphabet Posters

International Phonetic Alphabet Posters -Watercolor Music Classroom Decor in Rainbow Colors

  • If you teach choir or voice lessons, this set of IPA posters will help your students learn proper pronunciation of text in the songs they study.
  • 70 pages in all, including all the vowels and consonants your singers will need to master.
  • The presentation is calming and and beautiful, contributing to stress-free learning.


7. Welcome Banners for Piano, Choir, Band, Music, or Orchestra – Music Classroom Decor

Create An Easy DIY Piano Bulletin Board for Your Piano Studio

  • Welcome your students back to school or back to your private studio with this fun banner and bulletin board welcome kit!
  • Two versions are available, one with a chalkboard design, and one with the watercolor theme.
  • Also includes additional music symbols that you can use to decorate your poster or bulletin board with, blank banners to make your own words on, and dotted bulletin board borders in three sizes.
  • Absolutely everything you need is here! Just print, cut out, and display.
  • Read a tutorial here on how to re-create Melody’s “Welcome Back” poster.


8. Musical Instruments Posters & Labels

Musical Instrument Posters - 104 Watercolor Music Classroom Labels & Posters

  • 296 pages in all — wow!
  • Instruments of many different countries are included, with illustrated pictures.
  • There are labels for various categories such as skins, metals, woods, shakers & scrapers, woodwind, percussion, brass, etc.
  • Use these labels for your shelves, bins, bags, etc.  Students will know where to put everything back!
  • Use the labels to get organized! Add your logo, name, subjects, standards, or anything else by customizing the text.
  • Display as posters to decorate your classroom with, use as flashcards, or create games with these. See below for further ideas.


9. Music Rules Posters — More Than Just Music Classroom Decor!

Music Rules Posters - Script & Print Rainbow Watercolor Music Classroom Decor

  • Here are 21 pages to remind your students of appropriate behaviour in a colourful and sleek way.
  • Some examples of rules included in this package are: “Listen while your teacher is talking,” “Raise your hand to ask a question,” “Say please and thank you,” etc.
  • These are useful for any instrumental music teacher!


10. Major and Minor Key Signatures Posters

Major and Minor Key Signatures Posters - Rainbow Watercolor Music Classroom Decor

  • Here’s a set of 8.5 x 11 inch posters displaying all the key signatures up to seven sharps and seven flats.
  • Throw out your old, homemade key signature posters/flashcards and print out these classy ones!
  • I guarantee your students will notice how you’ve upped your game by providing professional-looking resources such as these.
  • The watercolor design on every card is stunningly beautiful!


11. Tempo Posters — Must Have Music Classroom Decor!

Tempo Posters - 35 Tempo Terms and Definitions - Watercolor Music Classroom Decor in Rainbow Colors

  • 35 tempo terms & definitions
  • a tempo, ritardando, presto, andantino … these are but a few examples.
  • The lovely watercolor background on every card makes something as ordinary and mundane as learning one’s tempo definitions attractive and exciting!


12. Concert & Recital Countdown Posters

Concert & Recital Countdown Posters - Watercolor Music Classroom Decor

  • Use these posters to count the days until your concert so that students are aware of how many days they have left to practice before the big performance!
  • Print them out, laminate, and then use a dry erase marker to write the countdown number on it.
  • Erase each day, and write the new number in the space provided.
  • “_____ days until our concert“, and “_____ days until our recital” are both available; choose whichever one best fits your teaching needs.
  • These aren’t just beautiful, this part of the music classroom decor bundle is a practical way to remind students and their parents when the recital or concert will be held!

And if you’re feeling stressed about recital countdown yourself, check out How to Plan an Amazing Piano Recital with this Free Guide.


BONUS DOWNLOAD — The Music Quotes in XXL Poster Size!

  • Want to print a large, 30 x 40 inch poster (or two, or three…) to decorate your classroom with?
  • Take this to your local print shop and ask them to make these posters for you. Choose your favorite quotes!


5 Tips for Using this Music Classroom Decor Bundle in this Year

Now that you’re familiar with the vast array of resources in this incredible bundle of music classroom decor in beautiful rainbow colours, here are five tips for making the most of the bundle in private piano lessons, group lessons, or in the school music classroom:


1. Print Some at 1/4 Size to Use As Flash Cards or Study Cards

While it’s true that all of the above-described resources are suitable for display as music classroom decor, you can also print them at 1/4 size instead of the full-page size.

  • Print out one set at 1/4 size if you are a private instrumental music teacher and just want to use them to quickly drill your student during part of a lesson. Key signatures, tempo markings, and musical terms are the top three sets that come to mind.
  • If you are a classroom music teacher, print out one set of cards for every two students in your class. Pair them up and have them drill each other as a class activity.
  • If finances allow, print out a set of cards for every student to take home.  Ask parents to drill their children as part of their homework assignment, or students can just use them as study cards.
  • ALL the resources are available in both script and print font; use what is best for your students.
  • My plan is to give a set of flashcards as a reward of some kind for certain deserving students.  What student wouldn’t love to own such a useful yet beautiful set of flashcards that even matches your music classroom decor?
  • Pro printing tips: To make these posters look their absolute best, print them onto bright white card stock and set your printer to high quality. Print onto glossy photo paper for the most vibrant detail! 

For even more flashcard game ideas, check out 5 Engaging Ways To Use Music Note Flash Cards In Piano Lessons (many of these ideas can be used with any flash cards).


2. Make a Game of It!

  • Print out some of the posters on cardstock and laminate them.
    • Spread them on the floor around the room.
    • When the teacher plays the piano, the students move around the room, stepping on the cards all the way.
    • When the music stops, the student must put both feet on the nearest card and stand there.
    • The teacher then asks each student to name the musical term and/or definition or tempo marking without looking at their card (which their feet are covering).
    • Whoever can’t do it is eliminated and the game continues until the last student is standing.
  • Here’s another game for young children:
    • Choose just a few of your laminated cards as prepared above, but this time, cover up the definition on the card. Line the cards up in a straight row.
    • Have the children stand back a few meters/feet in two teams.
    • The first person from each team throws a beanbag, trying to make it land on one of the cards.
    • If the student can name the instrument/musical term/note or whatever is on the card, they earn a point for their team.
    • Continue until everyone has had at least two or three turns.

What other games can you think of using this music classroom decor? I’m sure your imagination will be stimulated as soon as you see the vibrant colours and professional presentation!


3. Make the Most of Your Music Classroom Decor by Enlisting Some Help

After you’ve purchased this economical bundle of music resources, printed out all that you think you can use, laminated where necessary, now what?

You still need to organize it all, cut out the flashcards, create your welcome bulletin board, use your labels to label your binders and instrument storage spaces … wait!

Isn’t this bundle supposed to save me time?

Yes, it will save you time because you don’t have to create anything from scratch.

If I compare my old, homemade, 8 x 10 musical terms flashcards to the ones I just printed out from this bundle of music classroom decor resources, the difference in the quality is like night and day.

Most of us simply cannot create anything this beautiful, yet functional, by ourselves.  And the time saved by not having to create each music poster by myself has been significant.

Many teachers decorate their music classrooms alone, but I suggest that you ask a responsible teenage student to help you.

If your chosen student doesn’t have a summer job, maybe you could offer some free lessons in exchange for his/her help.

Or if that doesn’t appeal to the student, offer it as valuable “work experience,” which is something most teenagers need.

Or you can pay minimum wage if your own finances allow.

The point is not to stress you, the teacher, out by trying to prepare and display all this awesome music classroom decor by yourself!

Do the students in your local high school have to complete volunteer hours as part of their graduation requirements? Helping out a teacher such as yourself counts towards those requirements.

I for one am happy to sign the paperwork in exchange for a few hours’ help with classroom decorating and resource preparation.

Of course, you don’t have to print everything out in one day as I did.  The instant downloads are yours to keep for life, so if you prefer, just print and prepare as needed.  Or…


4. Don’t Print At All! Display the Music Classroom Decor Images on a Large Screen

If you teach online, this idea will especially appeal to you.  You can show your students the images on your laptop, or if you are a classroom music teacher, display the images on a large screen.

Sometimes finances at your school or studio simply don’t allow for buying card stock, ink, and laminating pouches, but remember, you only have to print what you currently need.

Use your imagination to think of ways that most of the images in this amazing bundle of music classroom decor can be used on a screen instead of printed out.

For instance, can you think of games that can be played using images that are only displayed on a screen, not printed?  Let us know in the comments below!


5. Constantly Recycle Your Music Classroom Decor

There are 1250+ pages included in this bundle, but there’s no reason to be overwhelmed!  Each of the zip files has a specific title.

Go through each one and print and prepare only what you need for the upcoming season.

Or print everything that you think you’ll need for the entire teaching year if that works better for you.  Use your usual organizational system.

As for me, I have to print everything all at once, or I’ll forget about some of the resources once the busy teaching season begins.  But that’s just me!

Then, as the teaching year progresses, change your music classroom decor on a regular basis.

Don’t leave the same posters up year round; otherwise, students will get too used to seeing them and won’t notice them anymore.

Get these amazing music classroom decor posters noticed by displaying them prominently and switching them up from time to time.

For example, display the musical instruments posters on your bulletin board when that’s the unit your students are currently studying.

Take them down and display the musical terms posters or tempo posters when that’s the unit at hand.

And these, as promised, are my five tips for using this huge, creative, original resource full of a variety of watercolor music classroom decor items.

As you’ve seen, they are much more than just decorations!

Grab this timeless, perfect-for-any-age resource today!

Please let us know in the comments below how they have helped YOU to save time, or what games you’ve invented using these posters!


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