Melody Payne teaching online piano lessons

Terms for Google Classroom and other online LMS:

If you’re teaching your students online, I want to be sure you have everything you need, and I also want to clarify my Terms of Use for using my resources with your online students.

You are granted permission to share any of the resources you have purchased from my store(s) with your students electronically during the COVID-19 school closures, as long as access to the resources is limited to your own students and their parents, and no one else.

You may email the resource directly to your student, you may post it on your private password-protected online classroom website (not the entire school website or shared drive), or if it’s a large file, you may use Google Drive or DropBox to share it, as long as it is a privately-shared folder and not posted for public access.

Please ask your students’ parents not to share the resource with anyone else. They are welcome to give others a direct link to my store so they can purchase the resources.

Please do not share the resources with other teachers. If another teacher would like a copy of the resource, as always, please give them a direct link to my store so they can purchase it.

I am more than happy for you to send my resources to your students electronically while your students are involved in digital learning, but please don’t share them with anyone else.

I appreciate you and want to see you and your students thrive and succeed during this unprecedented time, so please let me know how I can further support you, and I will do my best to help out!

Terms for OutSchool:

OutSchool’s Terms of Service define their teachers as being engaged in commercial use. My resources aren’t licensed for commercial use, and using them for financial gain on Outschool constitutes commercial use. Anyone who purchases items from any of my stores purchases a license to use the resource, but doesn’t own the rights to the resource or to the clipart and fonts used in the resource.

If the resource contains fonts or clipart that I’ve purchased a license to use (which all of them do), allowing someone else to use it commercially would go against the clip artist’s terms of use as well. I’ve purchased a license to use the clipart, but I can’t transfer that license to anyone else to use the resources commercially.

In short, resources purchased from any of my stores can’t be used on Outschool because you would be using them for commercial use and financial gain, which goes against my Terms of Use.