3 Easy Ways to Advertise Your Piano Studio Without Using the Internet

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3 Easy Ways to Advertise Your Piano Studio Without Using the Internet

Are you tired of marketing your piano studio on Facebook, only to feel like you’re wasting your hard-earned money? Have you given up trying to advertise your piano studio online because you don’t seem to be getting the return on your investment that you need?

As a professional instrumental music teacher, you may find yourself spending far too much time in front of the computer.  You update your website, create a Google ad, post on your social media accounts, and answer countless emails, to name a few of the many tasks that require a computer.

Advertising your business on the Internet is important, of course, but what are some other ways to advertise your piano studio that don’t require the Internet? Specifically, what are some ways to get you and your studio noticed, methods that are not necessarily used by all the other teachers in your area?

Here are three easy ways to advertise your piano studio without using the internet.


Advertise Your Piano Studio on Neighbourhood Mailboxes

I lived for 18 years in a city that didn’t allow advertising on mailboxes.  Every time I posted an ad on a mailbox to advertise my studio, it immediately got torn down.  But my current city seems to allow it, as my mailbox ads seldom get torn down — yay!  I’ve gotten so many students through this method; it’s awesome!

And even though my city is saturated with music teachers, not once have I seen another music teacher’s ad on a mailbox.  Hmmmmm…. do they not know how effective this is?  Or do they not want to put in the effort?  Because in fact, it does take a bit of work to do this.

If your city allows it, here’s what you do to advertise your piano studio:

  • Create a one-page flyer with just the essential information in the largest letters possible.  Stick to just two or three primary colours if possible.  Be sure to include your website and phone number at the bottom of your flyer.
    • There’s no need to create those little tear-off papers with your phone number that you used to see in years gone by.  Nowadays, everyone has their cell phone with them even when they are just going to check their mail.  If they see your ad and are interested, they’ll simply take a picture of the ad, phone number and all.
  • After creating your flyer, print off 100 copies and laminate them.
    • I used to just use plastic page protectors for my flyers, and I would seal them off with tape.  Nevertheless, they always leaked, and since I live in an area that gets a ton of rain, (we affectionately call it the “Lower Rainland” instead of the “Lower Mainland”), I found that laminating my flyers was the best option.
    • The ink on your flyers won’t leak in the rain, and your beautiful flyer will continue to look very professional.
  • Pack your backpack with your laminated flyers and lots of Scotch tape, hop on your bike, and get riding!  Post your flyers on every mailbox you see.
    • On your bike, you’ll be able to take all the shortcuts to various neighbourhoods in your area, even areas you didn’t even realize were there.  Secure your flyers on all four sides — don’t skimp on the tape.  Consider the amount of wind and rain that is likely to come, and press firmly with your fingernails on the tape.
  • If your flyers are time-sensitive (e.g. if you have advertised a summer piano camp, and it’s now September), be sure to remove the old flyers and replace them with more up-to-date ones.

That’s it!  It may seem like an old-fashioned way to advertise your piano studio, but if you are allowed to do it (remember to check your town ordinances to be sure you are allowed!), you’ll definitely get some students.  And as you know, one student leads to another, and then another… which is what you want, right?


Advertise Your Piano Studio Using Cool Piano Teacher Merchandise and Apparel

Are you a groovy piano teacher?  Even if you didn’t grow up in the 70’s like I did, you can still enjoy that very cool era by wearing a One Groovy Piano Teacher T-shirt when you go out to run errands.



Your bank teller will notice it and ask if you are a piano teacher, and you can proudly say, “Yes!” and hand them a business card.  The same thing will happen when the cashier at the grocery store sees it.  Even when you are standing in a checkout line, other customers will notice it and ask you about it.

Use this opportunity to spread the word about your music studio.  If it’s winter and you have your coat on, unbutton your coat if possible so that people can still see your cool, colourful T-shirt.

You can also accessorize by carrying this One Groovy Piano Teacher Tote Bag instead of your usual purse. Everywhere you go, you’ll be a walking advertisement for your profession.

Don’t be surprised if people walk right up to you and ask for more information.  Always have your business cards readily available in your tote bag for just such occasions.  What an easy way to advertise your piano studio!


One Groovy Piano Teacher Tote Bag 3 Easy Ways to Advertise Your Piano Studio Without Using the Internet


You can also get the One Groovy Piano Teacher T-shirt here, and you can also get the One Groovy Piano Teacher Tote Bag here.

And here’s a fabulous picture of my dad, my older sister, and me. Notice the peace sign I’m making, and the yarn-style hair ties in my hair — I remember that I had lots of those in every colour!


Participate in Local Events to Market and Advertise Your Piano Studio

Does your city have summer events during which you can set up your music studio booth? If so, this is an easy way to market your piano studio!

You don’t need a lot of equipment.  A small tent-style shelter, a large sign with your studio name on it, at least one keyboard and power source, a fold-up table and chair, stacks of flyers and business cards, and possibly some giveaways such as balloons, lollipops, or bookmarks are all you need for your first go at this.

You can also do some newsletters so they can get an inside look at your piano studio (for more on newsletters, read 3 Spectacular Piano Newsletter Templates That Will Set Your Studio Apart).

Be prepared to play piano for people, smile, and talk a lot!  Your personality has to shine through here in order for you to attract potential customers. As you advertise your piano studio, also remember to advertise yourself!

Have a jar for people to enter a draw for a month of free piano lessons, and gather this list of people to add to your mailing list.  (Make sure they know this is what they are signing up for because full disclosure is required by law.)  Ask some of your current teenage students to come out and help you for the day in exchange for a tuition discount for the first month of lessons.

You’ll need help, as a day (or weekend) at a local fair can be exhausting.  But your studio name will get “out there”.

Not everyone will contact you for lessons right away, but when they are ready, you are the person they’ll call.  Don’t be shy! Advertise your piano studio by getting out in the community and meeting people!

There are surely countless other ways to advertise your piano studio without spending yet another weekend in front of your computer.  Let your imagination soar and you’ll be surprised at what you come up with!


What other ways do you market and advertise your piano studio?

Comment below and let us know your favorite piano studio advertising and marketing strategies!


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