Music Awards {Rustic Winter, Editable: Add Your Students’ Names}

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These beautiful rustic music award certificates are the perfect way to recognize your middle school and high school music students for their hard work and dedication to music!

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These beautiful rustic music award certificates are the perfect way to recognize your middle school and high school music students for their hard work and dedication to music! The set includes awards for piano students, violin students, the music classroom, ensembles, and more! Perfect for a recital, awards ceremony, concert, or Christmas/Winter/Holiday program.

Ink-friendly certificates are NOT included in this set.

How to use:

Type your students’ names directly into the awards by adding text boxes!

  1. All you have to do is open the PowerPoint document.
  2. Insert text boxes where you would like to add the student names, date, and teacher name.
  3. Choose the font you want to use (I’ve included a FREE font, PluckySerif, as well as links to the other fonts used for the certificates, but any font on your computer will work).
  4. Type the info into the text boxes.
  5. Print the certificates and give to you students.
  6. You could also print them out, then complete them by hand, if you like.
  7. This product is in ENGLISH ONLY.

What is editable? What is not editable?

  1. The TEXT BOXES that you’ll add are editable, so you can type wherever and whatever you want within the text boxes.
  2. The text that is included on the music awards themselves (for example, “Stellar Sight-Reader”, Awarded To, Date, Teacher) is NOT editable.
  3. Backgrounds, clipart, and layout are NOT editable due to restrictions by the terms of use as stated by the artist. The layout will appear in your finished product just as you see it in the preview.

Download includes:

  • This HUGE set includes 63 different awards, all in the rustic winter design style.
  • Five colors are included: Brown, red, green, gray, and blue
  • 5 templates that you can customize if you need a specific award that isn’t included in this set

The font I chose for these awards is a script/cursive font, so these awards would be best for older students in grades 5+ or 6+. They’re perfect for middle and high school students.


  • Stellar Sight-Reader
  • Rhythm Rockstar
  • Terrific Technique
  • Marvelous Musician
  • Superstar Scales
  • Scale Diva
  • Chords Champ
  • Note Naming Ninja
  • Loveliest Legato
  • Flawless Fingertips
  • Fearless Phrasing
  • Amazing Articulation
  • Dazzling Duets
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Splendid Singer
  • Sensational Staccatos
  • Magnificent Memory
  • Memory Master
  • Fantastic Flash Cards
  • Sparkling Stage Presence
  • Tremendous Trios
  • Incredible Inversions
  • Creative Composer
  • Superb Steady Beat
  • Beautiful Bow Grip
  • Audition Ace
  • Suzuki Star
  • A+ Etudes
  • Pluckiest Pianist
  • Phenomenal Practicer
  • High-Five Harmonization
  • Effervescent Ensemble
  • Delightful Dynamics
  • Imaginative Improviser
  • Terrific Tone
  • Hand Position Hero
  • Chord Chart Commander
  • Lead Sheet Legend
  • Excellent Ear Trainer
  • Polished Performance
  • Excellence in Music
  • Most Improved Musician
  • Special Honors
  • Outstanding Citizen
  • Natural Leader
  • Recorder Rocker
  • Recorder Rockstar
  • Choir Champ
  • Choir’s Choice
  • Best in Band
  • Band’s Choice
  • Fabulous First Year Finisher
  • Golden Treble Clef
  • Completion certificates for levels primer through ten
  • 5 blank templates (one of each color)

The awards and templates are for your own classroom and studio use. You may NOT use the awards or the blank templates to create any products to give away or sell.



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