Christmas and Winter Piano Practice Challenge Charts for Piano Lessons

Earn 5.00 Reward Points
Earn 5.00 Reward Points

Do you host piano practice challenges in your studio? Do you need a quick and easy way for students to document their practice time throughout the challenge? Your students will love keeping track of their goals and progress with these winter-themed and Christmas-themed piano practice charts as they complete your studio piano practice challenge!

Number of Pages: 20
Resource Format: Zip, PDF

Studio License: Unlimited usage with students you directly teach

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Have you ever hosted a piano practice challenge in your studio? These Christmas and Winter themed practice charts will make hosting your practice challenge a breeze!

I love challenging my students to practice a specific number of pieces, measures, pages, minutes, days, at a predetermined tempo, or accomplishing a specific goal or goals over a short period of time. Why? Because practice challenges are highly beneficial to students in a number of ways.


Download Includes:

  • Practice challenge charts that track one to four weeks of practice
  • 6 designs (5 color, 1 black and white)
  • Christmas and Winter themes
  • PDF download: Print or use digitally on your iPad


How Practice Challenges Benefit Your Students

  • Help students stay on track when preparing for a recital or other performance
  • Get students back into the swing of things after a break or at the beginning of the piano year
  • Promote consistency in practicing
  • Friendly competition
  • Require more practicing than some students would normally accomplish on their own
  • Some students thrive on being challenged
  • Grouping students together can promote teamwork to be successful in the challenge
  • Promote responsibility and accountability
  • Help build internal motivation over time
  • Show students they are more capable than they may have thought
  • Encourage creativity in practice time (fitting in a few extra minutes before school, after dinner, etc.)


Learn How to Host a Practice Challenge

Click here to read the article.


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