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I’m excited to share about the Bundle of Halloween Games and Activities for Piano Students.

It has everything a piano teacher needs in terms of Halloween games and activities, whether you are looking for Halloween games and activities to use in private lessons, or looking for developmentally-appropriate and educational activities to fill group class times that run one to two hours, or more.

This Halloween Bundle includes hours of educational fun that can be used in a variety of settings including:

  • Private lessons (any instrument)
  • Group Performance Workshop or Fall Piano Party
  • Group Make-up Class
  • Music Classroom
  • Music Camp

In this post I’ll give a brief introduction to each of the games included in the Halloween music game bundle, and share 7 simple ideas for how to use these Halloween games and activities for both group classes and private lesson settings:


1. Halloween Games and Activities: Charades, 20 Questions, & More

Having a piano party once students settle into the school year is a wonderful way to break the ice and get students excited about their piano lessons. Halloween games and activities sprinkled in between student performances help round out the event.

The benefit for students is that they learn to communicate with their peers and build camaraderie through fun. Performance workshops with fun themes will likely be well attended by students, and the benefit of performing for their peers outside of the recital setting is a valuable experience.

This game set includes instructions for a variety of charade games, a game board, and bonus cards.


2. Halloween Music Coloring Pages: Notes, Rests, Dynamics and Music Coloring Pages Color by Note Halloween Costumes

There are multiple uses for this resource:

  • Waiting room activity for piano students, or a settling down activity during a group class
  • Fine motor, matching, and reading skills for preschool and kindergarten-aged students in private lessons or group classes
  • A quiet time activity young students can take home and enjoy

If you decide to have a piano party, I highly recommend running a separate one just for your young beginners. This would be a great Halloween game and activity to include as part of a beginner piano party.



3. Beginning Piano Worksheets: Halloween Piano Keys Are a Breeze!

This set includes 11 pages to solidify key identification for young beginners. If you have any young beginners who just started this fall, going over a couple of pages per week in private lessons serves as great practice for students. This is also a great activity to include in a young beginner piano party.


4. Halloween Music Math Worksheets: Music Math is a Hoot!

This is a set of 10 worksheets that includes addition, subtraction, or multiplication. There is enough variety within the level of difficulty to suit a mixed-age piano party. Young students can team up, or you can pair up an older elementary student with a younger student.


5. I Have Who Has Music Symbols Game for Halloween Piano Lessons and I Have Who Has Halloween Rhythm Game for Elementary Music Students

These are fun Halloween games and activities that would work well for any group setting or the private lesson setting. The music symbol identification game would work well for beginners, while the rhythm version would be great for late beginners or early intermediate students.

The rhythm game requires being able to both read and clap rhythms.



6. Spider Rhythm Spinners Halloween Composition Activity for Elementary Piano Students

This is a great Halloween game and activity for studying rhythm in a group setting. The students take turns notating each rhythm the spinner lands on. There are a variety of time signatures, and students can choose to notate either short or long rhythms for a fun challenge.


7. Zombie Composing Guided Halloween Music Composition Activity for Elementary Students

Students in group and private lesson settings can benefit from this Halloween game and activity where they get to exercise their creativity. They will practice creating rhythms from words, create a rhythmic motif, create a melody, practice music notation, and create lyrics.

I like this bundle of Halloween games and activities because whether you are just looking for Halloween private lesson activities or just looking for group lesson activities, this Halloween music game bundle includes so many activities that would suit both purposes.

If you want to see how a guided music composition activity works, check out Easy Composition Activity for Beginning Piano Students.


Halloween Games and Activities Best Suited for a Mixed-Age Group Setting:

Halloween Games and Activities Best Suited for the Private Lesson Setting OR for a Piano Party with Young Students:

As you can see, there is overlap because Halloween Music Math, Spider Rhythm Spinners, Zombie Composing, and Charades can be adapted to suit the level and age of the students.

For teachers who may be interested in music camps in the winter or summer, there is enough material for a half-day camp for a week. In addition to the games, you can add snack time, performance and feedback time, duet time, and more. With some adaptations, these games and activities are versatile enough to be used year-round.

There are hours of material for group classes that can be spread out and used throughout the year, so you don’t have to wonder how to fill the time in between the performance portion of your group classes.

A great time to have a piano party is when students have learned at least a few lesson book songs that they could comfortably perform in a casual setting. Private music teachers of any instrument will be able to use almost all the games: the only activity that is piano-specific is the Keys are a Breeze Halloween Worksheets.

If students have fun and feel successful about their performances, the motivation and excitement for their lessons could very well last until it’s time work on Christmas or other winter holiday seasonal games and activities.

Grab the Bundle of Halloween Games and Activities for Piano Students today to keep students excited for piano lessons this fall!


Looking for more games & activities for your piano students?

Storing and Organizing the Halloween Game Cards

I love storing the game cards in colorful 4×6 photo boxes like these. They are the perfect size, and the colors are vibrant and fun!

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