Composing with Leprechauns: A Guided Elementary Music Composition Activity

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Earn 5.00 Reward Points

If your students need an engaging way to help them become confident composers, this St. Patrick’s Day composition activity is just what they need! Step by step instructions lead students to compose their very own song about leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows, and more.

Number of Pages: 23 color, 23 ink-friendly
Resource Format: Zip, PDF
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This fun and engaging composition activity was inspired by a fun holiday: St. Patrick’s Day! Step by step instructions lead students to compose their very own song over a period of days or weeks depending on your teaching schedule.

To make this composition activity super memorable for your students, have a fun St. Patrick’s Day party at the end of the activity (complete with gold coins and lucky four-leaf clovers!), as students are performing their compositions for each other, or perform them at your spring recital!


The Following Steps Are Included In This Composition Activity:

  • Step 1: Writing descriptive words about St. Patrick’s Day: Pots of gold, rainbows, leprechauns, etc.
  • Step 2: Adding rhythms to the words from step 1
  • Step 3: Combining two or more rhythms to form motives
  • Step 4: Using your voice to begin creating a melody
  • Step 5: Transforming a picture of your voice into a melody
  • Step 6: Writing the melody onto staff paper
  • Step 7: Adding lyrics if desired
  • Step 8: Adding a title, dynamics, and articulation


The Easter Composition Activity Includes:

  • Worksheets for steps 1-4
  • Flash cards and music alphabet cards for step 5
  • Staff paper for step 6
  • Instructions for steps 7-8
  • Full color pages
  • Ink-friendly pages that use less color ink when printed


Additional Information About This Activity

  • This packet is great to use in multiple class sessions, lessons, group classes, and music camps
  • I is a very versatile product that can appeal to multiple elementary age groups
  • Even the youngest elementary students can be very successful when composing by following the simple steps included in this resource
  • The pages can be used as slides, on iPad or other tablet, printed, and more


How To Use These Worksheets Digitally

Click here to learn an easy way to use these worksheets digitally.

This makes the worksheets even more versatile because you can print them to use with your in-person piano students or use them on your iPad when you’re teaching online!


Storing and Organizing the Flash Cards

I love storing these flash cards in colorful 4×6 photo boxes like these (affiliate link). They are my favorites because they’re the perfect size, and the colors are vibrant and fun!


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