An Easy Way to Make PDF Worksheets Digital for Online Piano Lessons

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You have all these wonderful PDF worksheets that you’ve purchased over the past few years, and you love printing them to use during piano lessons. But what about online lessons? How can you keep using those printable worksheets that you love and depend on, now that your students are no longer in the same room as you?

I’m going to show you an easy way for your students to write on those PDF worksheets without having to print them out! Your students can use them on their iPad during online piano lessons or as homework. You can set this up quickly and simply with the GoodNotes app for iPad. Read the simple steps below and watch the tutorial video to see just how easy it is.

How to Use PDF Worksheets on Your iPad During Online Piano Lessons

What You and Your Students Will Need:

  • iPad
  • GoodNotes app for iPad (or other PDF annotation app such as Notability, etc.)
  • PDF worksheets obtained legally from a variety of sources:
    • My online store
    • My TpT store
      • All of my resources include a studio license and permission to email the resources to your students. See the Distance Learning Terms of Use for more information.
      • Check the terms of use for any other worksheets you purchase. They may not allow emailing/sharing them with students. 

⭐️⭐️ IMPORTANT: These worksheets and screen shots may not be shared with anyone other than your current students. When you purchase the worksheets, you purchase a single-teacher studio license. All other teachers/individuals besides yourself and your students must purchase a legal copy of the resource from one of my stores. Worksheets may not be used on OutSchool. Read the full terms here

How Does This Work?

  1. You’ll purchase a resource (or use one you’ve already purchased) and download it to your computer or iPad.
  2. Send/email/Dropbox the resource to your student. Delete the answer keys first! 😊
  3. Have the student import the resource into the GoodNotes app for iPad.
  4. The student will use the pen tool to write on the worksheets digitally.
  5. Then the student can email a screen shot of the completed page to you, or export it as a PDF file and send it to you.
  6. The student could also screen share their iPad with you so you can check their work.
  7. Alternately, you can share your own iPad/GoodNotes screen in Zoom and let your student annotate on the worksheet in the online piano lesson. This works well if a student doesn’t own an iPad.

Watch this tutorial video to see how to do it, and then you can easily show your students what to do so they can import the resources into the GoodNotes App on their iPads.

Tutorial Video:

Here are some of my favorite worksheets that can be completed quickly during a lesson, or for homework:

That’s all there is to it! Now you can still use all those wonderful PDF resources that you’ve purchased over the years, without having to print them out.


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Melody Payne

Melody Payne

Dr. Melody Payne is a pianist, teacher, and educational resource author who believes that all piano students deserve the best musical experiences possible, in every single lesson. Melody self-publishes pedagogical materials for piano students as well as piano teaching articles and professional development courses for piano teachers. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Music with emphases in music education and piano pedagogy and a Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy from Louisiana State University, and a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music through the Music Teachers National Association. Melody and her husband Greg live in Marion, Virginia, a small town nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, where she teaches children and adults of all ages and abilities in her online piano studio.

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