5 Online Activities for Online Piano Lessons

I thought it would be really fun and helpful to put together a list of online resources and activities that we can use to supplement our online piano lessons. The list includes a wide variety of options and ideas, and I hope your students enjoy these activities.

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Social Media Practicing Challenge

This would be a fun way to get students involved with sharing their practice sessions on social media. Choose a fun hashtag for your studio and enjoy seeing all their piano practice photos and videos!

  •  Choose a number of days for the challenge to occur. 7 days, 10 days, 14, whatever suits your needs.
  • Have your students post a short video of themselves practicing piano each day during the challenge.
    • It can be up to you whether you want them to post a video of themselves sounding just “ok” or sounding “great”!
  • These can be posted on social media, or in your piano studio Facebook page if you have one for your studio families.
  • Their piano friends will see the videos, then everyone will want to work hard to share a great video for everyone to see!
  • You could assign specific themes, scales, or anything you like to make it a really fun and competitive challenge.

Music Discussion Club

Similar to a book club, you could have all of your students listen to the same recording or watch the same performance (whenever it is convenient for them), and then get together at a specified time to talk about the performance with each other.

  • Choose a performance that would be accessible for all ages, or divide your studio into younger and older groups.
  •  Have the students watch the performance or listen to the recording.
  • Prepare a few questions to ask them during the discussion time.
  • Hold the discussion on your Facebook studio page or in a Zoom video chat.

Video Chat Masterclasses

Hold group masterclasses with a few of your students at a time. You can do this on Zoom for up to 40 minutes for free.

  • Have each student prepare a brief piece to perform for the group.
  • Ask questions to get the conversation started.
  • Lead the students to offer compliments and suggestions to the performer.
  • Repeat with all students in your group.

Theme of the Week

This can be used by itself or along with the Social Media Practicing Challenge.

  • Choose a theme, style, genre, anything you like.
  • Decide how you would like your students to approach the theme.
    • Everyone learns a blues scale and performs along with a blues jam track like this one.
    • Everyone learns the blues progression in a certain key and performs with the blues scale.
    • Everyone learns a lead sheet.
    • Everyone practices their scales up to a specific tempo.
    • There are so many ideas! Choose one that suits your students and studio, and have fun!
  • Record a brief video of yourself presenting this theme to your students, along with their assignment for the week.
  • Once students have accomplished the assignment for the week, meet together on Zoom as a group and perform for one another, or have your students upload a short video to social media, or have them send a short video to you.

Music & Art Parties

Music & art parties are a fun way for everyone to watch something while creating art to go along with the performance.

  • Schedule a time for everyone to watch a full-length performance video on YouTube or another website. This can be a philharmonic, chorus, marching band, anything that suits the needs of your particular students.
  • Give them an assignment to create a piece of art based on what they hear in the performance. Any kind of art is great!
  • Have them send you a short video describing their artwork to you after it is complete.
  • Or schedule a Zoom meeting so each student can describe their artwork to the group.

These 5 activities can make online piano lessons very interactive and rewarding for all involved! I’d love to hear your ideas for more activities for online piano students. Leave a comment below. Happy teaching!

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