Bundle of 4 Awesome Christmas Music Worksheets and Activities

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Christmas is just around the corner, and the buildup of excitement in your studio is steadily mounting.

If they haven’t already started, school children will soon be doing holiday crafts, decorating their classroom, and rehearsing Christmas music and plays to perform at their annual concert.

As their music teacher, why not get in on the fun by using these adorable Christmas Music Worksheets for piano lessons, other instrumental lessons, and music class?

There are so many interesting activities in this economical bundle of four sets of Christmas music worksheets and a myriad of ways to use them, so let’s get started!


1. Name That Tune Christmas Music Worksheets

Are your students obsessed with llamas, as so many kids are these days?  Are they itching to start playing Christmas music?

Each of these beginning-level worksheets contains two different snippets of two Christmas songs illustrated with an adorable cartoon image of a llama all decked out for the holidays.

First, the student writes the names of the notes in the blanks provided.

Then, they sight-sing or sight-play the tune.

Finally, they name the tune and write it on the line below the song.

There are 20 Christmas carols in total, including Up on the Housetop, Jolly Old St. Nicholas, and Jingle Bells. There are also many traditional carols such as Joy to the World, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, and O Come, All Ye Faithful.

There’s an equal balance of both treble clef and bass clef Christmas music worksheets.

They are black & white; thus, they are printer friendly.  This is good news to the private instrumental teacher who prints at home and is trying to save money on ink.



This set, like all four of the sets of Christmas music worksheets in this entire fantastic bundle, comes with a full answer key. These activities can be useful in so many ways…

  • Surprise your student(s) with a worksheet all prepared for them as soon as they sit down to their lesson.  It’s a great way to get them into the Christmas spirit, and they’ll be practicing theory without even realizing it!
  • Children don’t always know all the familiar Christmas carols.  This is a relaxing yet musically educational way for them to learn them.
  • “Name That Tune” used to be a game show on TV years ago.  Set it up as a game for your student(s)! Ask them if they think they can name the tune in seven notes, then bid against them “I can name that tune in six notes”, then the student bids, until the opponent says, “Name that tune”.  Advice:  Let the student win.  It’s about them guessing the name of the song, right?  🙂
  • If you are a classroom teacher or if you teach buddy lessons, it would be especially easy and fun to set up a “Name That Tune” contest amongst your students using multiple worksheets.  Put your students in teams and award points to all and accolades to the winning team!
  • For online lessons, send a page and its answer key to the student ahead of their lesson time.  Ask the parents to print it out, and do it together with the student at the beginning of the lesson.  Once they are finished, they can use the answer key to check their own work.  After that, have your student colour the little llama as a reward.


2. Colour by Music Notes Christmas Llama Worksheets

These worksheets feature a larger picture of a llama for your students to colour.

First, the students sees a short snippet of a Christmas song; they then label each note.

Next, they play or sing the song, name the tune, and colour the llama according to the key.

Treble, bass, and alto clef Christmas music worksheets are included.  Some possible ways to use are:

  • as a very worthwhile homework assignment
  • as a fun activity when your student needs a break from the piano
  • as a reward when your student has learned a particularly challenging piece



3. Colour Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Here are 20 fabulous Christmas music worksheets to meet a variety of needs.  All of them involve the student colouring a sweater according to the key provided.

They may be asked to colour by treble, bass, or alto clef notes. Or they may be asked to colour by rhythm (both American and British terms are available).

There are also activities where students are asked to colour by dynamic markings or other musical symbols.

If you teach young beginners, they’ll love the “colour by piano keys” ugly sweater.  There’s a special Christmas music worksheet for singers, too, in which they colour by solfege hand signs.

Finally, there are three bonus pages where students can make their own masterpiece.  This is perfect for having your students create/drill specific concepts, notes, symbols, rhythms — whatever the child needs.

There is something for everyone in this set of colouring pages!



4. Gingerbread Cookies Christmas Music Worksheets

These cute and adorable gingerbread cookie images will look good enough to eat once your students are done colouring them! There are 20 Christmas music worksheets, all containing the same musical options as those mentioned for the ugly Christmas sweaters.  Some ideas for use are:

  • Run a studio-wide colouring contest and offer a prize for the best one.
  • Alternatively, collect all the completed images from your students and have a random draw for first, second, and third place.
  • Display all the completed pictures around your studio during the Christmas season.  They’ll make cheerful decorations, and both parents and children will be proud to see their work on the walls!  Be sure to return them to the children before you break for the holidays.



Grab this Christmas music worksheets bundle and start using them in November.  Your students will truly love them, and you’ll get into the spirit of the season too!


Keep having fun with music worksheets…

If your students fall in love with these Christmas music worksheets and want more worksheets for quick and easy review all year, check out how you can Save Time With Over 200 Print-And-Go Music Theory Worksheets! Your students will never be bored!


Other seasonal music worksheets you’ll love:

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