3 Spectacular Piano Newsletter Templates That Will Set Your Studio Apart

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3 Spectacular Piano Newsletter Templates That Will Set Your Studio Apart

Communication between you and your music studio parents is vitally important. 

However, all too often parents are inundated with far too many emails from their workplace, their child’s school, and from ads. 

Unfortunately, this means that your piano studio emails may get overlooked.

Want to improve the communication between you and your studio parents? 

Instead of sending yet another standard, predictable email into their already crowded inbox, try using one of these three truly spectacular, professional piano newsletter templates.

1. Chic & Glam Editable Music Templates

If you love everything glam, chic, gold, and glitter, this set of piano newsletter templates is for you! Available as an instant download, the zip file includes:

  • instructions for use
  • saving to PDF from Keynote
  • samples
  • 12 blank 2-page templates
  • 12 blank “Class News” templates
  • 12 blank 1-page or 2-page monthly templates (Jan. – Dec.)

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here it is!

3 Spectacular Piano Newsletter Templates That Will Set Your Studio Apart Chic, Glam, Gold, Glitter Music Templates

Have you ever seen such stylish, glamorous piano newsletter templates before?  I have not! Just seeing these lovely pages inspires me to get working on a parent newsletter.  🙂

The samples give you an idea of some of the categories that could go on your piano newsletter templates.  Try Class News, Noteworthy, Updates, Happy Birthday, Notes from Your Teacher, Photos, Special Events, Calendar, and still more photos.

You can even use one section for small reminders of your piano studio policies (If you need help creating a piano studio policy, check out our blog post, The Top 5 Items to Include in Your Piano Studio Policy).

The experts say to always break up your text with frequent photos, and this also applies to your piano newsletter templates.

Even though you may usually just email your studio parents all the announcements in boring, standard block paragraphs, using these piano newsletter templates forces you to be concise.

There are only so many words that you can fit in each of the areas while still maintaining a reasonable font size.  I see this as a bonus.

Concisely-worded announcements, each in their own little shape, with a few photos interspersed, are more likely to be read (or at least scanned) by busy studio parents.

2. Editable Monthly and Weekly Piano Newsletter Templates

Here are 14 vibrant and colorful piano newsletter templates, just waiting for you to supply your own studio’s information.  Remember, the goal is to have parents actually read the information.

There is nothing worse than children arriving at the studio when nobody is there because the parent didn’t read the email about there being no classes that week.  Or the student who misses a recital because they or their parents didn’t read your detailed email.

My strategy for using these piano newsletter templates is this:

  • Write the basic information in a text box, which you need to add to each area of the template.
  • Then say something like, “More info to follow!” or “Details to follow!”  This gets your studio parents at least thinking about the upcoming event, and maybe they’ll even write it on their calendar.
  • Piano parents need to be reminded several times about important dates such as recitals.  I see these beautiful piano newsletter templates as a “first notice” regarding these important events.
  • So, I email the parents these lovely newsletters and I print out hard copies and go over it with students at their lesson. They go home with their newsletter in their binder with instructions to give it to their parents.
  • This hard copy of the newsletter is the parents’ “second notice” of the important information contained within.
  • Then, when it gets closer to the date, provide the missing details in a separate email or just write them in your student’s notebook.  This is the parents’ “third notice” regarding the event.  That should do it!
Spread the Word and Streamline Communication with a Studio Newsletter

3. Piano Newsletter Templates with Composers

In this set there are 12 blank one-page or two-page monthly templates (January – December) with adorable clipart.  There are 12 different composers, and each composer is featured during the month of his birthday.

Also included in the set are one-page or two-page monthly templates without clipart.  But I must confess, I love the clipart. It’s a chance to discuss a little music history with your students.

For instance, a cute cartoon of Franz Liszt is featured in the October piano newsletter templates, as his birthday is Oct. 22, 1811.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the second page of my studio newsletter, I wrote a few interesting facts about Liszt in the text box right next to his clipart likeness.

I went over this composer’s information with my students this week. I also showed them an actual photo of Liszt and pointed out how similar the cartoon drawing of him was to the real man, especially his hair.

Then we listened to Un Sospiro, a favourite Liszt piano piece of mine. If you like to sneak in some music history from time to time during music lessons, these composer newsletter templates provide a very organic opportunity to do this.

3 Spectacular Piano Newsletter Templates That Will Set Your Studio Apart Music Composers Templates


The composers included in this set of piano newsletter templates are:

  • January:  Mozart
  • February: John Williams
  • March:  Chopin
  • April:  Prokofiev
  • May:  Brahms
  • June:  Schumann
  • July:  Orff
  • August:  Debussy
  • September:  Gershwin
  • October:  Liszt
  • November:  Joplin
  • December:  Beethoven

Final Thoughts about these piano newsletter templates

Most of my studio parents drop off their children and come back later to pick them up, but I never actually see the parents.

However, for the few parents who do come to the door, this week I put the special newsletter straight into their hands to ensure it would not end up crumpled and forgotten at the bottom of a child’s backpack.

Without exception, the parents who received their hard copy immediately oohed and aahhed and commented on how beautiful it looked.

Pro tip: Print the colorful newsletter templates onto bright white paper or card stock for best results, and print the black and white templates onto colorful paper or card stock.

When it comes to communicating, parents appreciate and notice the special effort you put in.  Grab these amazing, professional piano newsletter templates today and improve the quantity and quality of your communications with parents.

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