11 Creative Valentine’s Day Piano Activities

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Looking for Valentine’s Day piano activities for your students this year? Look no further, because this big bundle of Valentine’s Day piano activities will keep your piano students on their toes during February!

Kids love Valentine’s Day almost as much as they love Christmas and Easter, don’t they? Ah, the candied hearts, the chocolate cupcakes, the Valentine’s Day cards, and … the fantastic musical activities, worksheets, games, and more that you, their thoughtful, forward-thinking music teacher will provide. 🙂

This incredible bundle of musical activities will keep your students entertained and learning for hours.  For most of the activities, you just print and you’re ready to go!

Let’s look at what you get in this amazing bundle of Valentine’s Day piano activities.


1. Valentine’s Day Music Math Rhythm Worksheets


Doing music math is a “hoot” with these cute, owl-themed worksheets.  Students add, subtract, and multiply various note and rest values and write them in the spaces provided.  Some of the features of this set are:

  • 10 colour worksheets, 10 black & white, and 10 answer keys
  • an attractive border and pink heart clipart owls decorating the pages
  • the first one has been done as an example
  • includes whole, half, dotted half, and quarter notes

Want to save money on ink? Since most of the worksheets/activities in this bundle of Valentine’s Day piano activities do come in colour or ink-friendly (black & white) options, simply print the ink-friendly pages on pink paper.  It will still look amazing and be just as attractive to students.


2. Colour by Note for Valentine’s Day


If you’ve ever tried Melody Payne’s music colouring sheets before, you already know that they are an incredible learning opportunity for students, not to mention a ton of fun to complete! Here’s what you get:

  • 12 cute and adorable Valentine scenes to colour according to notes on the staff (6 treble and 6 bass clef)
  • answer keys
  • notes from bass C to treble C are included in the pictures

The teacher can quickly show students the beautifully completed answer keys for inspiration, or wait until pupils have completed the picture themselves before revealing the answer key.

Either way, the answer keys help make checking the answers that much quicker, whether the students are self-checking, the parents are verifying the answers at home, or the teacher is checking at the lesson.

Remember, once purchased, you can use these Valentine’s Day piano activities forever; this set will be a hit year after year with all your students!


3. Music Spelling Bee Game


This is another one of the super fun Valentine’s Day piano activities in this bundle. There is a lovely, 8 X 10-inch Valentine’s themed game board to print out and 80 cards in total with various notes on the treble and bass staff.

There are also full-page images of all the cards for projecting or using with an iPad if you’d rather save paper and ink.  The game is simple to assemble and play. Just do the following:

  • Print the game board and cards on cardstock
  • Cut out the cards
  • Laminate everything if desired.

You can use this fun and interactive activity to help students review their notes in a game-based atmosphere. The game can be played alone, with the teacher, in a small group class, or in your large music classroom! Use the beautiful certificates included in this set to reward students who have done well.

Additionally, you can choose to use the included assessment pages to keep track of which words students got right or wrong.

I plan to use this game at my next music party.  I’ll definitely award the lovely certificates to deserving students! The certificates say things like, “Presented to ___________ for un-bee-lievable musical spelling!” or for a “bee-utiful job!”  Clever!


4. Valentine’s Day Piano Activities: Matching, Memory Match, & More!


There are such a variety of Valentine’s Day piano activities in this set! Here’s what you get:

  • 8 X 10 full colour “baking sheets” with four pictures of pink Valentine’s Day cookies on each of them, sprinkles and all
  • Music symbol “cookies”, which the teacher cuts out.  The symbols are basic, such as time signatures, accent, ritardando, staccato, sixteenth note, whole note, various rests, dynamic marks, etc.
  • An alto (or tenor) clef is included for any instrumental music teacher who requires it
  • Blank cards to make your own music symbols if you need additional ones
  • Of course, the black & white version of everything in the set is included as well

The options for using these Valentine’s Day piano activities are endless depending on how the teacher wants to use them.  Some possibilities are…

  • Have students put a music symbol on a cookie and match it with the corresponding musical term on the cookie that is right beside it (on the baking sheet)
  • Use the music symbol hearts as flash cards to drill students
  • Turn the flash cards face down on the floor or table, mix them all up, and play “Memory”
  • Most of all, have fun with this cute set of cards!


5. Valentine’s Day “I Have, Who Has” Card Game

This is a great game for a student and teacher, a few students, or a small group! It’s wonderful to use as a quick review, assessment, or just to have some fun at your next music party.

After printing these 46 music symbol cards (available with or without the names of the music symbols, and with or without the backs for the cards), cutting them out, and laminating them (if you want to), here’s how to play:

  1. Shuffle the cards well and deal them all out evenly to every player.
  2. No one should see anyone else’s cards.
  3. The student who has the first card says, “I have the first card.  Who has… (she reads her card, which in this case is “forte”.).
  4. The student who has forte says, “I have forte.  Who has… treble clef?”.
  5. Students lay down their cards as they are used up.
  6. The game continues until the last card is reached.
  7. There is no winner or loser necessarily in this game.  The goal is simply to discard all the cards, all the while reviewing important musical symbols.

What I have found, (and surely many other music teachers have found), is that very often students will look at a musical symbol and say, “I know it, but I can’t remember the name of it!”.

This particular game is awesome in that students have to say the name of each symbol not once but twice, thus reinforcing the nomenclature we music teachers would like them to know.  Of all the Valentine’s Day piano activities, this is one of my favourites.

If you and your students love “I Have, Who Has…?” music card games, check out our blog post, Bundle of 10 Exciting Music Card Games for Beginning Students and Beyond!


6. Treble & Bass Clef Valentine’s Mystery Image Reveal Music Boom Cards™

If you are new to Boom Cards™, try this set out — your students will love them!  There is nothing to print out for these digital Valentine’s Day piano activities; the set is hosted at wow.boomlearning.com.  Here’s how it works:

  • On the product, you’ll see “Click here to access these Boom Cards™”.
  • Once you’ve clicked, it will take you to the page of Boom Cards™.
  • Login or create a new account.
  • Click on your product and start playing.
  • Tap the name of each note to reveal the picture.
  • Full instructions are included for the teacher or parent

How fun! I confess I had never used Boom Cards™ before, and now I can see the appeal! I tried one and it was a cute picture of a Valentine’s Day cartoon monster with hearts all over it.  I received encouraging messages such as “You did it!” and “You’re looking sharp, Valentine!” when I got a note “right”.

Block by block, the mystery image was gradually revealed as I successfully identified notes on the treble and bass clefs.  Try it and you’ll be hooked!

If you’re also new to Boom Cards™, check out our blog post, Getting Started with Boom Cards™ in Piano Lessons


7. Valentine’s Day Music Worksheets


If you’re looking for attractive, motivating Valentine’s Day piano activities that can also be used as assessment, this set is perfect. The pink borders are beautiful, and the clipart of the multi-ethnic children are adorable!

In this set are:

  • 4 “Guess Who” worksheets where students write the name of each symbol in the blank
  • 4 “Secret Messages” activities that ask students to unscramble the names of musical symbols
  • 4 “Art Gallery” pages where students draw a picture of each symbol
  • 4 “Love Notes” worksheets that ask students to name as many notes as possible on the treble and bass clef in one minute
  • 4 “Heart Beats” sheets that show musical rhythms using sixteenth notes, dotted quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes, etc. Students write the rhythm syllables underneath the notes.

These worksheets can be used as quick quizzes, as fun Valentine’s Day piano activities to do at a lesson, or assigned as homework. Just print and go! Of course, these, like any of the other sets in this bundle, can be assigned to your online students as well.


8. Composing with S’mores


This is a guided elementary music composition Valentine’s activity that is sure to bring out the creative side of every child.  Even if the teacher or student has never composed before, this step-by-step approach ensures success every time.  Students will initially be inspired by the pictures of s’mores, their favourite campfire treat. Steps include:

  • Brainstorming
  • Adding rhythms
  • Thinking of a melody
  • and much more until the project is complete!

Students will also enjoy the original and cute graphics that meet them on every page.  With this incredibly helpful resource, even the inexperienced piano students will be able to compose a satisfying song!

To get a full idea of how to use this composition activity in piano lessons, check out Easy Composition Activity for Beginning Piano Students.


9. Valentine Rhythm Spinners

These Valentine’s Day piano activities are perfect for individual or group use.  Great for the private lesson setting, music centres, music camps, music parties, small group classes, and more!

  • Each group needs only one spinner page. Print them out on cardstock and laminate them to make them more durable.
  • Plastic spinners must be purchased separately.
  • Each person in the group needs their own notation page, and as always, these are very attractively designed.
  • A variety of time signatures are included, as well as a page without time signatures.
  • Students take turns spinning the spinner, then notating the rhythm onto their notation sheet.
  • After the rhythms have been notated, the students take turns performing their rhythms for their peers.
  • They can clap, march, tap, snap, use Boomwhackers, a classroom percussion instrument, or perform their rhythm in any other fun way!


10. Valentine’s Day Cards & Posters


There are 99 pages in total in this set — wow! What a dizzying array of options! All of the cards and posters have modern, watercolour hearts on them.

Do your students ever give you a little Valentine’s Day card?  Why not reciprocate?

  • There are 75 “punny” Valentine’s cards and coordinating posters.
  • Examples include “Hey Valentine, you’re foxy” (with a picture of a fox), or “We make a great pear” (with a picture of two pears), etc.
  • Do you teach guitar? Then you’ll like “I pick you”, which has a picture of a guitar with hearts on it. Or, “Valentine, you rock!” which has another guitar image.
  • “You strike a chord in my heart”, with a piano picture on it, is sure to please piano teachers

The 8.5 X 11 posters are perfect for printing, framing, and hanging in your studio for the Valentine’s season.

The Valentine’s cards measure 3.75 X 4.5 inches.  You can print them on photo paper or cardstock, cut them out, and write your student’s names on them.  Attach a small treat and you are all set to give your students a lovely Valentine’s Day surprise!


11. Valentine’s Day Piano Practice Challenge Charts

There are 32 pages in this set, all with cute Valentine’s-themed clipart. There are one week, three week, and four week pages, all with piano keyboards on them. Each piano keyboard has exactly seven white notes on it, one for each day of the week.

The idea is that students write their daily practice minutes or practice goals on each piano key.

Giving your pupils these innovative, original practice charts show that you, the teacher, are committed to helping/inspiring your students to practice!


Grab Your Valentine’s Day Piano Activities Today!

It’s not too soon to start introducing Valentine’s Day piano activities in your studio or classroom now! Get your Valentine’s music activity set HERE. This is an economical bundle with so much variety you’ll be truly amazed.

Tell us in the comments below how you plan to use these resources!


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