Valentine Rhythm Spinners {Color and Ink-Friendly}

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Earn 3.00 Reward Points

Give your students a fun way to practice notating and performing rhythms with this set of Valentine’s Day themed rhythm spinners!


Number of Pages: 17 color, 17 black and white
Resource Format: PDF, Zip
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Give your students a fun way to practice notating and performing rhythms with this set of Valentine’s Day themed rhythm spinners! They are perfect for individual or group use. Great for the private lesson setting, music centers, music camps, and more.

Click here to learn how my students turned their rhythm patterns into a fun piece of sheet music!



  1. Full color
  2. Ink friendly black and white
  3. Six Valentine spinners with a variety of rhythms
  4. Four notations sheets
  5. Blank spinners that you can complete to suit your students’ current needs.
  6. Plastic spinners are not included, but I use these plastic spinners and they work beautifully with card stock. Paperclips spun around a pencil tip, and fidget spinners work great too!


Group Setting:

  1. Each group needs only one spinner page (plastic spinners must be purchased separately).
  2. Each person in the group needs his own notation page.
  3. A variety of time signatures is included, as well as a page without time signatures.
  4. The students take turns spinning the spinner, then notating the rhythm onto their notation sheet.
  5. After the rhythms have been notated, the students take turns performing their rhythms for their peers.


Individual Setting:

  1. Student needs one spinner page and one notation sheet.
  2. The student spins the spinner, notates the rhythm, and the performs it for the teacher.


Performance Tips:

  1. Students should be creative when performing!
  2. Marching, tapping, snapping, performing in the style of the Cup Game, using Boomwhackers, classroom percussion instruments, the piano, and playing a clapping game are only a few of the countless ways students can move to their newly created rhythm patterns.
  3. Have fun!



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