Stellar 114-Page Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle

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114-Page Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle

This 114-page Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle for piano lessons and music class has been an absolute hit within my studio!

It has been a much-needed solution for my beginner through late beginner students who need extra reinforcement – which is almost all my students now.

Teaching music literacy within the confines of 30-minute weekly lessons is challenging.

It would seem that a student could ‘just’ learn to read music by practicing their assigned songs at home, yet it doesn’t quite work that way.

I tried to figure out a solution for note reading practice during those six days in between their lessons.

I recommended note reading flash card apps and sent parents links to Boom Cards.

For most of my studio families however, it wasn’t working out as the most practical option.

After an extended amount of time in distance learning, families weren’t keen on adding more screen time to their days.

Trying to remember “who has what device and what device has what on it” made it so that we really needed to figure out another solution for consistent note reading practice.


This Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle Solved our Note Reading Problem!

After discussing things further with my studio parents, I found that there was a real appetite for daily worksheets for students to complete at home.

This is where the Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle comes in. What’s in it, you ask? Let’s go over that!

This space themed music worksheets bundle is such a comprehensive set that it can be used for all your beginner level students.

The bundle includes four different categories of worksheets: Piano Keys, Treble/Bass/Alto Clef Notes, Harmonic and Melodic Intervals, and Music Spelling Words.

This set of outer space music worksheets is terrific to use any time of year, but my students especially love it on May the 4th, Star Wars Day!


1. Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle: Piano Keys Set

Space-Themed music worksheets bundle piano keys worksheets

This set includes 16 pages of piano key review.

My favorite worksheets in this set are the ones where students must identify black keys as sharp keys in one worksheet, and identify the black keys as all flat keys in another.

This is so useful!

Another favorite includes a worksheet where the student must find the key and then notate the key on the staff right next to it.

I love notation activities for beginners.

For even more piano keys activities, check out:


2. Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle: Treble, Bass, Alto Clef Set

Space-Themed music worksheets bundle treble clef, bass, clef, and alto clef worksheets

This versatile note naming worksheet set is great for school music teachers as well as piano teachers.

School music teachers who teach strings, or even viola group lessons will enjoy the abundance of alto clef worksheets available.

This part of the space themed music worksheets bundle is further divided into:

  1. Higher Lower Same – 3 pages each for Treble, Bass, and Alto clefs
  2. Lines and Spaces – 5 pages each for Treble, Bass and Alto clefs
  3. Note Naming – 3 pages each for Treble, Bass, Alto, plus additional pages for C Position, G Position, and 4 extra pages for Alto clef
  4. Draw Notes on Staff – 3 pages each for Treble, Bass, and Alto clefs
  5. Speed Drills – 3 pages each for Treble, Bass, and Alto clefs – students drill 30 notes per page

The ‘Higher Lower Same’ and ‘Lines and Spaces’ sets can each be assigned to a student more than once.

The first time when they are early beginners, you might have them complete it as-is – the easy version.

Once the student is more familiar with treble and bass clef notes, the set can be reassigned as the hard version.

This time the student should name all the note names- instead of marking whether it’s Higher/Lower Line/Space.

Any of these worksheets can be reassigned a few weeks down the road for extra practice.

Prior completion won’t necessarily give the student an advantage if they are really struggling with note reading.

If your students love note naming activities, check out 5 Reasons I Love St. Patrick’s Day Music Worksheets for Note Reading.


3. Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle: Harmonic and Melodic Intervals

Space-Themed music worksheets bundle intervals worksheets

There is a mix of harmonic and melodic intervals for practice within these worksheets:

  1. 2nd-5ths – 6 pages
  2. 6th-octave – 6 pages
  3. 2nd-octave – 6 pages

Each page focuses on just bass clef or treble clef intervals.

Some pages focus only on harmonic or melodic intervals, where the student is required to name the interval (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Other pages mix harmonic and melodic intervals for the student to identify.

For a hands-on approach to teaching intervals in your studio, read 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Train Music Intervals During Piano Lessons.


4. Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle: Music Spelling Words

Space-Themed music worksheets bundle music spelling worksheets

There are 18 pages total with the following:

  • 3, 4, 5, 6 letter words using Bass and Treble clefs
  • Notate 3, 4, 5, 6 letter words using Bass and Treble clefs
  • Draw choice words using Bass and Treble clefs

This gives the students practice not only in naming notes but also in music spelling.

Which, if they become rabid fans of musical spelling bees, they’ll also love Using the Springtime Musical Spelling Bee Game at Piano Lessons!


Benefits of this Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle

Since I have been using the Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle with my students, I’ve noticed a marked difference in their confidence when encountering new pieces.

Parents tell me that students’ refusal to practice has lessened, or that if they refused to practice, they were willing to do the worksheets instead.

I really like that the worksheets allow a student to still be engaging with musical activities at home on a day practice isn’t taking place.

Having a worksheet set handy gives the parents the option to offer their child a choice, which they really appreciate.

I continue to receive requests from a few of my parents who ask for the next set of worksheets from the Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle.

Since answer keys are included, it’s so helpful that parents can spot check their child’s work (which saves time for you as the teacher as well!).

Plus, if students want to complete the same worksheet multiple times, here’s an easy way to help them do that.

If a student wants to improve their speed drill scores, use these dry erase pocket sleeves and dry erase markers and students can complete the worksheet as many times as they like.

Grab the Space Themed Music Worksheets Bundle today and see your students gain more confidence in their note reading skills!


Need More Music Worksheets for Your Students?

If you’re looking to purchase one big bundle that will cover all your worksheet needs, then I highly recommend:

  Staff Wars Space-Themed Music Worksheets BUNDLE for Piano Lessons & Music Class


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How often do you assign worksheets in your studio? Have you found benefits with the students who do them? What are your best worksheet tips?


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