Beginning Piano Game: Beethoven Says! RH, LH, Finger Numbers, Piano Keys

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Review right hand, left hand, finger numbers, and piano keys in a snap by playing a quick round of “Beethoven Says!” This game is a fun musical version of “Simon Says” that beginning piano students love.

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Review right hand, left hand, finger numbers, and piano keys in a snap by playing a quick round of “Beethoven Says!” Playing “Beethoven Says” is just like playing the fun childhood game “Simon Says”, but with piano keys, finger numbers, and right hand and left hand. This particular version can be played with multiple students in a group piano lesson, music class, or music camp, or it can be played with one student during a private piano lesson.

Download includes a total of 84 cards in color and black and white, and a black/white line art set.

Suggestions for use:

  1. Print the cards onto card stock, and laminate if desired.
  2. Cut out each card.
  3. Use as many cards as desired for the time allotted.
  4. Shuffle the cards and the teacher (or another student) can be the leader, or “Beethoven”.
  5. The leader draws a card and reads what the card says. For example, “Beethoven says… with LH… finger 3… play B.”
  6. The students follow that command and play any B with LH finger 3.
  7. Anyone who follows the command incorrectly is out of that round.
  8. Additionally, there are several cards that don’t say “Beethoven Says” on them. The leader will simply read the card. For example, “With LH… finger 3… play B.”
  9. Any students who follow that command are out of that round because the command didn’t include the words “Beethoven Says”.
  10. Continue playing for as long as you have time, or until only one player is left. That player is the winner.

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