Saga Land 2 (The Sequel) Video Game Collection Studio License

Earn 37.00 Reward Points
Earn 37.00 Reward Points

What’s inside:

Beautiful, patterned pieces are carefully crafted to capture the feel and sound of video game music, and to capture students’ imaginations. Accessible even for early intermediate pianists, enjoyable for all levels to play, and very popular with listeners! The studio license allows you to use these pieces as much as you wish with any students that you personally teach. High quality mp3s of all 12 pieces are included in your download at no additional cost!

Number of Pages: 39
Resource Format: pdf, mp3
Studio License: Unlimited reproductions for students you directly teach
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There are so many reasons to use Saga Land!

  • Teachers can supplement lesson materials with the entire book or individual pieces as needed.
  • Studio projects can be centered around the collection (allowing students to come up with storylines and challenges for the different “levels”).
  • Teens and tweens love Saga Land, so it can be a motivating addition to weekly lessons for these harder-to-please students.
  • Selections are a life saver during virtual lessons, especially last minute ones, even if a student logs on unprepared.
  • Pieces represent a variety of time signatures, key signatures and styles, so there are many teachable moments throughout.
  • Due to the highly imaginative nature of the titles and sounds (not to mention the synapsis of the storyline in the introduction of the collection) students are inspired to be creative and play expressively!

Suggested uses of the Saga Land Collections:

1. Open book. Play. These pieces sound great on both acoustic and electric pianos!

2. Use as a fun and motivating addition to weekly piano study, perfect for early to mid intermediate pianists.

3. Prepare a studio recital using Saga Land as the focus. Pianists play one or two pieces each, and intersperse with other fantasy, video game or movie selections.

4. Prepare a studio recital containing only music from video games. Saga Land can be used to round out repertoire for the early intermediate students, which can be hard to come by.

5. Create a studio project where students learn the various pieces in Saga Land, come up with a challenge or plot for what is happening in the video game for their selection, and present it before they perform for each other. Take this one step further and have students create videos to use as a backdrop for their piece. This is a fantastic summer project for the whole studio.

6. Use your own creativity to come up with your favorite way to use these pieces. And I hope you’ll let me know what worked for you!

For even more ideas on how to motivate your teens and other students with Saga Land, check out my blog post!


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