Music Symbols & Dynamics Posters {Watercolor Music Decor}

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Create a beautiful and calming studio or classroom with these 51 watercolor music symbol posters!

128 pages – Zip

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Create a beautiful and calming studio or classroom with these 51 watercolor music symbol posters!


Download includes:

  • 51 music symbols
  • American music terminology (quarter note, eighth note, half note, etc.)
  • International music terminology (crotchet, quaver, minim, etc.)
  • All posters in SCRIPT font
  • All posters in PRINT font
  • Perfect for students of all ages!



Treble clef, bass clef, alto clef, sharp, flat, natural, forte, piano, mezzo forte, mezzo piano, eighth notes, quarter note, half note, dotted half note, whole note, eighth note, eighth rest, quarter rest, half rest, whole rest, accent, double bar line, fermata, staccato, time signatures 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, and 6/8, dotted quarter note, CDE piano keys, FGAB piano keys, grand staff, treble staff, bass staff, fortissimo, pianissimo, sixteenth notes, sixteenth note, sixteenth rest, triplet, brace, crescendo, decrescendo, diminuendo, repeat, barline, piano keyboard, tie, slur, measures, ritardando


Additional International Music Terms:

quavers, crotchet, minim, dotted minim, semibreve, quaver, quaver rest, crotchet rest, minim rest, semibreve rest, semiquavers, semiquaver, semiquaver rest






  1. I prefer to print mine onto glossy photo paper using the best print setting. This really makes the colors stand out. However, they look really nice printed on regular paper or card stock. Picture how beautiful they will look in your classroom!
  2. If you need help or have questions, please contact me by leaving a comment in the product Q&A section, or you may contact me at
  3. Purchasing this item grants you a SINGLE USER LICENSE for use by a single teacher. Purchase multiple licenses for multiple users at checkout. Not for commercial use. Copyright © 2016 Melody Payne. All rights reserved.
  4. Leaving thoughtful feedback helps you earn TpT credits to spend! I’d love to hear how much you and your students are enjoying these items, and other buyers benefit from reading your feedback, so please leave a few kind words and a super rating below. Thank you!
  5. Having trouble with a file? Leave a question on the Q&A tab or submit a support ticket before leaving feedback.




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