Music Symbols Basketball Clip It Clothespin Game

Earn 8.00 Reward Points
Earn 8.00 Reward Points

Do your piano students have an exam coming up, but they’re having a little trouble remembering all of the music symbols and terms that are required? This basketball music symbols clip it game reviews 80 music symbols, and is perfect for your sports fans!

Number of Pages: 240 cards: 30 pages color, 28 pages black and white, 26 bonus purple pages, plus instructions and game board
Resource Format: Zip, PDF
Studio License: Unlimited reproductions for students you directly teach
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Do your piano students have an exam coming up, but they’re having a little trouble remembering all of the music symbols and terms that are required? This Clip It basketball music symbols game reviews 80 music symbols, and is perfect for your sports fans!

Treat your students to this fun basketball-themed music symbol game. Perfect for basketball tournament season in March!


⭐️ Watch the preview video to see how the game is played.


Download Includes:

  • Instructions for use
  • Using the game board
  • Screen sharing the pages during online piano lessons
  • Printing smaller cards
  • Page to print onto the backs of the cards
  • Rainbow colors cards
  • BONUS: All purple cards for students who might memorize the answers by color 🙂
  • Black and white cards


Tips for Using the Basketball Cards:

  • Print the colorful pages you need onto white card stock, or print the black and white pages onto colorful card stock
  • Cut the cards on the dotted lines
  • Choose the symbols and number of cards needed for the allotted time in your piano lesson or music class
  • Your students will enjoy reviewing music symbols and terms in a fun, hands-on way


A Bonus Racing Game:

  • Create some friendly competition among your students by printing a set of cards for each student.
  • Give each student enough clothespins to correspond to the number of cards they have.
  • Give the students one minute to clip as many of the cards as they can.
  • The student who has clipped the most correct answers after one minute wins!


These Music Symbols Are Included (US & UK Terms):

  • Fortississimo
  • Fortissimo
  • Forte
  • Mezzo forte
  • Mezzo piano
  • Piano
  • Pianissimo
  • Pianississimo
  • Sforzando
  • Crescendo
  • Decrescendo
  • Diminuendo
  • Grand staff
  • Treble clef
  • Bass clef
  • Alto clef
  • Tenor clef
  • Double barline
  • Brace
  • Repeat
  • Barline
  • Time signature 4/4
  • Time signature 3/4
  • Time signature 2/4
  • Time signature 6/8
  • Common time
  • Cut time
  • Key signature
  • Metronome mark
  • Tempo mark
  • Andante
  • Allegro
  • Allegretto
  • Presto
  • Sharp
  • Double sharp
  • Flat
  • Double flat
  • Natural
  • Coda
  • Segno
  • Breath mark
  • Chord
  • Ottava
  • 1st and 2nd endings
  • Accent
  • Fermata
  • Staccato
  • Tie
  • Slur
  • Ritardando
  • Glissando
  • Tremolo
  • Ascending notes (Notes going higher)
  • Descending notes (Notes going lower)
  • Repeating notes (Notes staying the same)
  • CDE piano keys
  • FGAB piano keys
  • Piano keyboard
  • Trill
  • Arpeggio
  • Turn
  • Mordent
  • Appoggiatura
  • Four sixteenth notes
  • Sixteenth note
  • Triplet
  • Two eighth notes
  • Eighth note
  • Quarter note
  • Dotted quarter note
  • Half note
  • Dotted half note
  • Whole note
  • Sixteenth rest
  • Eighth rest
  • Quarter rest
  • Half rest
  • Whole rest
  • Measures
  • Semiquavers
  • Triplet
  • Semiquaver
  • Quaver
  • Quavers
  • Crotchet
  • Dotted crotchet
  • Minim
  • Dotted minim
  • Semibreve
  • Semiquaver rest
  • Quaver rest
  • Crotchet rest
  • Minim rest
  • Semibreve rest
  • Bars
  • Whole bar rest


Storing and Organizing the Game Cards

I love storing these game cards in colorful 4×6 photo boxes like these (affiliate link). They are my favorites because they’re the perfect size, and the colors are vibrant and fun!


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