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Welcome to Digital Resource Design School 101!

Digital Resource Design School 101 is an all-inclusive step-by-step program for developing and designing professional piano teaching resources.

It is the only video course of its kind that takes you through every single aspect of resource design: From imagining, to developing, to designing and creating professional piano teaching resources that will help your students thrive!

I’ve always loved designing resources for my students, and I know what it takes to be successful in the area of digital resource design in our profession.

In this 7-hour video course, I am going to teach you what I’ve learned since I started selling piano teaching resources online in 2013. I’ve come a LONG way since then and I have a LOT of amazing things to teach you that will save you an incredible amount of time, effort, and headaches so you can focus on the important aspects of resource design: Designing the resources!

After finishing the lessons and assignments in Design School 101, you’ll know exactly how to design spectacular piano teaching resources, you’ll be confident in your abilities, and you’ll feel absolutely sure about what you’re doing!

By signing up for this course, you’ve already made the important decision that you want to learn the key components of designing amazing resources. You’re taking a huge step forward and pledging to being fully invested in the process and committing to doing the work.

Workbook pages, assignments, bonus downloads, and additional links are located in the “Materials” tab for each lesson.

I’m so thrilled for you and glad you’ve decided to come on this exciting journey of resource design with me! I can’t wait to get started, so let’s go!



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Course Content

MODULE 1: The Beginning
MODULE 2: Setting Up Your Space
MODULE 3: Pedagogical and Philosophical Principles
MODULE 4: Copyright, Trademark, and Public Domain
MODULE 5: Brainstorm and Develop Your Resource
MODULE 6: Clipart and Fonts
MODULE 7: Designing the Student Pages of Your Resource
MODULE 8: Designing the Front Matter Pages of Your Resource
MODULE 9: Final Steps to Completing Your Resource
MODULE 10: Bonuses and Next Steps