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Printable sticky notes in piano lessons can give students a tremendous amount of ownership over their own practice sessions. Students are eager to follow their own practice steps, which makes practice time more effective and efficient, and the real bonus is that students come to lessons more prepared than ever!

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Several teachers have requested that I upload the file for the sticky notes that I had printed at, so here you go!

Download includes:

  • Terms of use
  • 4 “Practice Notes” sticky notes options, ready to upload to

Visit the blog and learn how I use these printable sticky notes in piano lessons to empower my students and give them so much more ownership over their practice sessions.

I use these sticky notes in our online piano lessons practice kits that I deliver to all my students a few days before lessons begin. Visit the blog to see what else I include in our piano practice kits.

Watch the tutorial video for getting them printed at

Purchase price includes a studio license, also referred to as a single teacher/single user license on this site. As the purchaser, you may use this resource with as many of your own students as you like, for as long as you like. You may print copies for your students, and your students may take the copies home.

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