Jingle Jams Christmas Favorites Pack with Orchestra Tracks (Elementary)

Earn 22.00 Reward Points
Earn 22.00 Reward Points

Welcome to Jingle Jams! Simple, easy to read beginner Christmas favorites. Themed, beautifully orchestrated backing tracks. Tunes go from basic to brilliant with one click. Studio License.

Jingle Bells in Country/Bluegrass 

O Come All Ye Faithful in Orchestral/Classical 

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen in Dramatic/Cinematic

Up On the Housetop in Reggae 

Silent Night in Soothing Outdoor Lullaby

Number of Pages: 14
Resource Format: pdf, mp3
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Easy to use features:

  • Each tune comes with an easy arrangement centered around the middle of the grand staff for beginning note-readers.
  • Any rhythms that are unfamiliar are brief and can be taught by rote.
    Each track begins with a 4 measure introduction.
  • Even the youngest students will have an easy time knowing when to enter thanks to the counting written through the introductory measures in their part, the metronome clicks to facilitate counting, and the melody-doubling in the track.
  • Practice tracks (one slow, one up to tempo) include metronome clicks and have the piano solo part included.
  • In the final performance track the melody is passed to another less obvious instrument so young pianists are confident as they are able to subtly confirm they are playing the notes correctly!
  • Here is a video with samples of the backing tracks at performance tempo: https://youtu.be/T2ms3EC9_qc
  • Use the mp3s through a wireless device connected to either a bluetooth speaker or earbuds.


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