Basketball Music Symbol Matching Game: Slam Dunk!

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Review 42 musical symbols with this set of symbol flash cards, term flash cards, plus a matching game!

32 pages – PDF

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Review 42 musical symbols with this set of symbol flash cards, term flash cards, plus a matching game! Students will slam dunk basketballs with music symbols into nets with the matching musical terms, they can play memory match with the cards, and they are also perfect to use as review and study cards!

Treat your students to these fun basketball-themed music symbol cards. Perfect for March Madness tournament season!

Includes these symbols:

  1. Quarter note
  2. Whole note
  3. Whole rest
  4. Half note
  5. Dotted half note
  6. Dotted quarter note
  7. Quarter rest
  8. Eighth note
  9. Sixteenth note
  10. Half rest
  11. Eighth rest
  12. Sixteenth rest
  13. Sharp
  14. Natural
  15. Double flat
  16. Flat
  17. Double sharp
  18. Forte
  19. Mezzo forte
  20. Piano
  21. Pianissimo
  22. Fortissimo
  23. Mezzo piano
  24. Two eighth notes
  25. Four sixteenth notes
  26. Triplet
  27. Treble clef
  28. Bass clef
  29. Staccato
  30. Slur
  31. Fermata
  32. Tie
  33. Double bar line
  34. Repeat sign
  35. Time signature 4/4
  36. Time signature 3/4
  37. Accent
  38. Grand staff
  39. Crescendo
  40. Decrescendo
  41. Bar line
  42. Measure

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