Beginning Piano Game: Finger Numbers Memory Match

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Give your students a fun way to review their right hand and left hand and finger numbers with the Finger Numbers & Hands Memory Match game!

24 pages – PDF

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Give your students a fun way to review their right hand and left hand and finger numbers with the Finger Numbers & Hands Memory Match game! These pages feature boy and girl football players who are happy to assist your students with remembering right and left hands and finger numbers.


The set contains two each of hand and finger number cards that are great for private lessons, group classes, or the elementary music classroom. Three colorful designs PLUS black and white are included!


These finger number and right hand/left hand cards can be used in a variety of ways! Here are some ideas:

  1. Shuffle the cards. Ask your student to draw a card and place his/her hand on top of the hand on the card to discern between RH and LH. Then name the hand, and name the finger number of the finger that is “catching” the football or touchdown pass. The student can also play a piano key with that finger.
  2. The student can sort the cards into RH and LH, then put them in order according to the finger numbers. For very young students, use the two full pages at the end of this set as sorting mats. This will help students who don’t yet know their right hand and left hand
  3. These cards can also be used as a memory match game. Shuffle the cards. Place them face down on a table. Student draws 2 cards. If they match, the student keeps the cards. If they don’t match, it’s someone else’s turn. Game continues until all the matches are made. The person with the most matches wins.
  4. Use the full page sheets at the end of the set and have a student toss a very small beanbag toy onto the hand, then name the finger number.
  5. Shuffle the cards, and have the student draw a few cards and line them up across the music rack of the piano. Have the student play those finger numbers in order, to create a simple composition.
  6. You can also use these cards as flash cards to review RH/LH and finger numbers in a quick way.


I’m sure you can think of tons of ways to use these cards. I hope your students have a blast playing with these fun football finger number cards!


Click the PREVIEW button for a peek at some of the cards.






  1. Print the cards onto card stock, and laminate for best results.
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