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There is something beautiful and timeless with old hymns. The truths of the lyrics ground our hearts and settle our souls.

Amanda started arranging hymns for herself in her teens, with fast and furious advanced hymn settings. Then, as her students began requesting hymns at their levels, she branched out to hymn arranging for pedagogical reasons.

Because of Amanda’s interest in various genres, in her shop, you will find hymn arrangements of various levels embracing classical elements, light jazz style, Southern Gospel flair, and more.

About Amanda Tero

Music has always been a part of Amanda’s life–from her mom singing Steve Green specials to her dad honking out the rhythm of “Jingle Bells” in the driveway. She began teaching in 2007 and fell in love with sharing music.

She has recorded several piano solo albums (available on most streaming platforms under “Amanda Tero”) and self-published hundreds of hymn arrangements.

Ten years after graduating highschool, Amanda decided to continue her education and received her Associate of Arts in Piano Performance. She is finishing her education at William Carey University.