Winter-Themed Games for Music Class: Let the Music Games Begin!

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Fun winter music games to use with one student, a group, in the classroom, music camp, and more! Get the summer version here. This file contains two complete sets of game cards:A full set of full color cards.

96 Cards, 26 pages – PDF

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Fun winter music games to use with one student, a group, in the classroom, music camp, and more! Get the summer version here.


This file contains two complete sets of game cards:

  1. A full set of full color cards
  2. A full set of partial color ink-friendly cards.


The sets are divided into six “winter sporting events” and include:

  1. 16 cards in each event (that’s 96 cards per set!)
  2. One page containing the backs of the cards
  3. A winter game board
  4. Bonus coloring sheets are included as well!


Here are the “winter sporting event” topics:

  • Event 1: Improv and charades picture cards {16 cards}
  • Event 2: Improv and charades phrase cards {16 cards}
  • Event 3: Piano key cards to describe and play {16 cards}
  • Event 4: Rhythm cards to perform {16 cards}
  • Event 5: Music term cards to define and/or draw {16 cards}
  • Event 6: Notes to identify and play {16 cards}


These game cards are suitable for both groups and individual students! There are many possibilities for using them, and here are a couple of suggestions.


Jeopardy-style game: Use the title pages as the headings and use selected cards as the Jeopardy answers. Students should phrase their answer in the form of a question. To keep score, Assign point values to each question, or give the card to the student who answers correctly.


Using the game board: One die is needed. In this version of the game, students draw a card, then do what the card requires. Students who answer correctly roll the die and move forward on the game board. Students who answer incorrectly do not move their game piece forward.


Flash cards: use the cards as flash cards with a single student or as friendly competition among multiple students.


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