Piano Practice Charts & Digital Stickers


These colorful piano practice charts are a great way to track student progress, build healthy habits, achieve practice goals, and more! These sheets can be printed, and they can also be used digitally on your device. Perfect to use for online piano lessons, at-home learning, music class distance learning, and more!

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ZIP file containing PDF & Keynote, 25 pages & 72 digital stickers

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The download includes:

  • 12 charts with 30 spaces
  • 12 charts with 40 spaces
  • Suggestions for use
  • A Keynote file with text boxes to add your students’ names (you can use the file in Keynote on your iPad or Mac, or upload the file to Google Slides, or open with PowerPoint if you prefer)
  • A PowerPoint file with text boxes to add your students’ names
  • A PDF of all charts
  • 72 digital stickers that coordinate with the practice chart designs

⭐️ View the Preview to see all of the practice chart designs.

Learn how to use the charts & digital stickers in the Keynote app for iPad:

Learn how to use the digital version in the GoodNotes app on your iPad:

Learn how to use the printable version of these practice charts:

Suggestions for use:

  1. 30 Piece Challenge: I use these charts with my piano students to track their progress in the 30-Piece Challenge. For each piece that my students master throughout the year, they get a sticker on the chart. 30 pieces mastered = a really cool prize at the end of the year! I also give smaller prizes for every 10 pieces earned, to encourage them throughout the year that they’re making excellent progress.
  2. Practice Trackers: These charts can also be used to track student practice time over a month. For each day students practice a specific amount of time, accomplish a specific goal, etc., they get to put a sticker on their chart or write in the time practiced.
  3. Habit Builders: Trying to get your piano students to form a new habit? Scales? Flash cards? Listening to music? Mindfulness? Practicing or memorization goals? These charts can track each time the habit is accomplished, and when the month is up, hopefully your students will have developed a healthy and wonderful new habit, which has now become a permanent part of their everyday music study.

Print or use on your device:

  1. Print the Sheets: The designs in this set were requested by my students. I added their names to the pages in Keynote, then I printed the pages onto white card stock. My students keep their pages on their pianos so we can update them weekly at their online lessons. I provided each student with a page of fun stickers .
  2. Use the Sheets Digitally: I’m keeping master copies of every student’s chart on my iPad in the GoodNotes 5 app. All the charts are visible to all students when I screen share them so they can have a little bit of friendly competition, similar to the large 30-Piece Challenge chart I kept in my studio for in-person lessons.

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