Musical Instrument Matching {151 Pumpkin-Themed Musical Instrument Puzzles}

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This set of pumpkin instrument puzzles includes 151 different musical instruments! This matching game can be played in a private or group lesson, the music classroom, and more, and as few or as many of the cards as you like can be used in any game.

120 pages – PDF

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This set of pumpkin instrument puzzles includes 151 different musical instruments! This matching game can be played in a private or group lesson, the music classroom, and more, and as few or as many of the cards as you like can be used in any game with one or multiple students. They can be used as flash cards, sorting cards, instrument identification drills, to help prepare for testing or festivals, and much more! Perfect for the sub tub too!

Set includes both full color cards, as well as ink-saver cards. See the thumbnails for examples. Choose the cards you need, print those page, cut out the cards (laminate if you like), and they’re ready to go!


20 instrument categories (skins, metals, woods, shakers & scrapers, woodwind, percussion, brass, strings, keyboard, orchestra, African, Chinese, Asian, folk, the Americas, Native American, Gamelan, rock band, Orff, and a label of MISC. so everything is covered!)

151 instruments (saxophone, trombone, French horn, trumpet, euphonium, tuba, pocket trumpet, bugle, cornet, oboe, bassoon, contrabassoon, clarinet, flute, piccolo, kazoo, recorder, banjo, ukulele, guitar, violin, cello, electric guitar, mountain dulcimer, double bass, lute, harp, bongo, conga, bass drum, cymbals, maracas, tambourine, triangle, xylophone, piano, accordion, castanets, bagpipes, djembe, drum set, hand drum, harmonica, taiko drum, timpani, viola, African balafon, African caxixi, African juju shaker, African kalimba, African seed shakers, African shakers, African shaker, African sistrum, talking drum, Chinese bells, Chinese cymbals, Chinese drum, Chinese erhu, Chinese gong, Chinese hulusi, Chinese yueqin, Chinese guzheng, music stand, agogo bells, bells, cabasa, claves, cowbell, gathering drum, egg shakers, finger cymbal, guiro, frog guiro, tone block, a different tone block, agogo tone block, rainstick, wood block, slapstick, snare drum, gong, vibraslap, tubular bells, vibraphone, autoharp, dobro, concertina, hammered dulcimer, hurdy gurdy, jug, mandolin, tin whistle, washboard, celtic harp, washtub bass, gender, gong, kendang, bonang, kenong, peking, saron, slenthem, rhythm sticks, chime, wrist bells, hand bells, jingle stick, bell stick, male conductor, female conductor, keyboard, Chinese drum, mic stand, microphone, Chinese dizi, Chinese suona, chu-daiko, morin khuur, odaiko, sarod, shehnai, shime-daiko, sitar, tanpura, tabla, taiko bachi, Inuit frame drum, Iroquois water drum, vessel flute (ocarina), guitarron, vihuela, Native American flute, Native American gourd rattle, Native American log drum, Native American powwow drum, charango, panpipe, quena, tone bar, glockenspiel, alto xylophone, alto metallophone, bass xylophone, bass metallophone, soprano xylophone, soprano metallophone, classroom wind chimes, orchestra wind chimes, phonograph record player, PLUS a blank template in case you need something not included here). WHEW! If you made it to the end of this LONG list, give yourself a round of applause! 🙂

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