Easter Music Symbol Matching Games

Earn 6.00 Reward Points
Earn 6.00 Reward Points

Do your piano students have an exam coming up, but they’re having a little trouble remembering all of the music symbols and terms that are required? These Easter music symbols games review 80 music symbols, and are perfect for springtime and Easter!

Number of Pages: 27 color, 27 black and white, + instructions
Resource Format: Zip, PDF
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Do your piano students have an exam coming up, but they’re having a little trouble remembering all of the music symbols and terms that are required? These Easter music symbols games review 80 music symbols, and are perfect for any time of year!

Students will learn music symbols, terms and definitions, they can play memory match with the cards, and they are also perfect to use as review and study cards! Fabulous for piano lessons and music centers.

Treat your students to these fun Easter-themed music symbol games and watch their recognition of music symbols improve each time they play!


Download Includes:

  • Instructions for use
  • Easter Egg Hunt game instructions (sample instructions for this game are below ⬇︎)
  • Memory Match game instructions
  • Sorting game instructions
  • Study cards & flash cards
  • Choosing teams with the cards
  • A page to print onto the backs of the game cards
  • A blank page you can use to create your own cards (personal use only)
  • Colorful cards
  • Black and white cards


Tips for Using The Easter Egg Cards:

  • Print the colorful pages you need onto white card stock, or print the black and white pages onto colorful card stock
  • Cut the cards on the dotted lines
  • Choose the symbols and number of cards needed for the allotted time in your piano lesson or music class
  • Your students will enjoy reviewing music symbols and terms in a fun, hands-on way


Sample Game Instructions: Easter Egg Hunt!

  • Choose the egg puzzles you need for your specific group of students.
  • Place each third of the egg into a separate plastic Easter egg.
  • Have an Easter egg hunt with your students to collect all of the plastic eggs.
  • When all of the plastic eggs are collected, open all of them and play a quick group-wide matching game with the egg puzzles.
  • To increase the competition, divide your students into two teams, then have two separate Easter egg hunts and matching games.
  • The group who finishes first wins!


These Music Symbols Are Included (US & UK Terms):

  1. Fortississimo
  2. Fortissimo
  3. Forte
  4. Mezzo forte
  5. Mezzo piano
  6. Piano
  7. Pianissimo
  8. Pianississimo
  9. Sforzando
  10. Crescendo
  11. Decrescendo
  12. Diminuendo
  13. Grand staff
  14. Treble clef
  15. Bass clef
  16. Alto clef
  17. Tenor clef
  18. Double barline
  19. Brace
  20. Repeat
  21. Barline
  22. Time signature 4/4
  23. Time signature 3/4
  24. Time signature 2/4
  25. Time signature 6/8
  26. Common time
  27. Cut time
  28. Key signature
  29. Metronome mark
  30. Tempo mark
  31. Andante
  32. Allegro
  33. Allegretto
  34. Presto
  35. Sharp
  36. Double sharp
  37. Flat
  38. Double flat
  39. Natural
  40. Coda
  41. Segno
  42. Breath mark
  43. Chord
  44. Ottava
  45. 1st and 2nd endings
  46. Accent
  47. Fermata
  48. Staccato
  49. Tie
  50. Slur
  51. Ritardando
  52. Glissando
  53. Tremolo
  54. Ascending notes (Notes going higher)
  55. Descending notes (Notes going lower)
  56. Repeating notes (Notes staying the same)
  57. CDE piano keys
  58. FGAB piano keys
  59. Piano keyboard
  60. Trill
  61. Arpeggio
  62. Turn
  63. Mordent
  64. Appoggiatura
  65. Four sixteenth notes
  66. Sixteenth note
  67. Triplet
  68. Two eighth notes
  69. Eighth note
  70. Quarter note
  71. Dotted quarter note
  72. Half note
  73. Dotted half note
  74. Whole note
  75. Sixteenth rest
  76. Eighth rest
  77. Quarter rest
  78. Half rest
  79. Whole rest
  80. Measures
  81. Semiquavers
  82. Triplet
  83. Semiquaver
  84. Quaver
  85. Quavers
  86. Crotchet
  87. Dotted crotchet
  88. Minim
  89. Dotted minim
  90. Semibreve
  91. Semiquaver rest
  92. Quaver rest
  93. Crotchet rest
  94. Minim rest
  95. Semibreve rest
  96. Bars
  97. Whole bar rest


Storing and Organizing the Game Cards

I love storing these game cards in colorful 4×6 photo boxes like these (affiliate link). They are my favorites because they’re the perfect size, and the colors are vibrant and fun!


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