Digital Resource Design School 101 Course for Piano Teachers

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Digital Resource Design School is the only all-inclusive step-by-step program for developing and designing professional piano teaching resources.

It is the only step-by-step video course of its kind that takes you through every single aspect of resource design: From imagining, to developing, to designing and creating professional piano teaching resources that will help your students thrive!

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Resource Format: Over 46 self-paced online videos (7 hours of content!), PDF downloads, 2 one-on-one coaching sessions with Melody, Bonuses
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I’ve always loved designing resources for my piano students, and I know what it takes to be successful in the area of digital resource design in our profession.

I am going to teach you what I’ve learned since I started designing and selling piano teaching resources online in 2013.

I’ve come a LONG way since then and I have a LOT of amazing things to teach you that will save you an incredible amount of time, effort, and headaches so you can focus on the important aspects of resource design: Designing the resources!

After finishing the lessons and assignments in Digital Resource Design School

  • You’ll know exactly how to design spectacular piano teaching resources
  • You’ll be confident in your abilities
  • You’ll feel absolutely sure about what you’re doing, every step of the way, from dreaming up a fabulous idea, to creating the perfect resource, to completing it in a way that follows copyright law to the letter


Design School 101 is Right for You if…

  • You’ve always wanted to provide amazing resources for your students, but the thought of opening a blank document and getting started is overwhelming
  • You would love to create unique games and worksheets for your students, but you don’t know where to start, and you don’t know all the steps you need to follow to design and create incredible resources for them
  • You need help with clipart and fonts so you can purchase the correct kinds of materials and combine them into an educational resource with an attractive and professional format that students will love
  • Copyright and Trademark information is scary and overwhelming and you need help wading through that information to be sure you are following the law when creating resources for your students
  • You know you can do this if you have step by step guidance through every part of the process from the very beginning, throughout the development and designing stages, all the way to completing wonderful educational materials for your piano studio, and you’re ready to get started!


And that’s where I come in!

In Design School 101, a self-paced video course, I will teach you step by step how to develop, design, and create professional-level piano teaching resources, even if you’ve never designed anything before!

This program will teach you everything you need to know and give you the skills and resources you need to design high-quality, professional piano teaching resources from the ground up, like these.


Let me be your personal guide

Let me teach you my own personal product creation blueprint that I’ve used since 2013 to create high-quality, in-demand piano teaching resources that are being purchased and used by piano teachers and students around the world.

Come on this exciting journey with me and let me share with you the key components of designing amazing piano teaching resources.


Digital Resource Design School 101

Your step-by-step personal and professional guide to designing exceptional, high-quality, outstanding piano teaching resources that will help your students thrive!


Payment Options

Three payment options are available for your convenience.

$397 is the pay-in-full pricing for Design School 101, and it’s a single payment up front.

The $210/month for 2 months and the $150/month for 3 months are both payment plans. If you choose a payment plan, you’ll make the first payment at checkout today, and the next payment will automatically be charged to your credit card next month, (and the next month if you select 3 monthly payments).

No matter which payment plan you choose, you will have access to Design School 101 and all future updates for life.


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5 reviews for Digital Resource Design School 101 Course for Piano Teachers

  1. susanhong11

    Design Course 101 is the best investment I made this year. Melody’s course is so well thought out and I enjoyed it thoroughly 🙂 I’ve been making worksheets and selling coloring books since about 2016 but after taking this course, I know how to organize as well as make templates so I save time making new products. Simply love all the short cuts and organizational tips she has implemented in the program also. Thx Melody for an amazing course !!

  2. Sophie Fredericks

    Digital Resource Design School truly has been a blessing to me, giving me the confidence to attempt things that I didn’t in my wildest dreams think I could ever do. Art/design has never been my gifting, but I am excited to learn a new skill to be able to help my own students instead of spending hours online trying to find a resource that doesn’t exist. I’m looking forward to completing my first Melody-inspired/taught resource.

  3. Angela Gaynor

    Digital Resource Design School has been a timely addition to my training. I’ve been wanting to design my own games, warmups, and music for years but have not known where to start. This course breaks down the ‘how to’ I so desperately needed. I am now feeling confident and excited about creating resources for my studio and possibly others.
    ~Angela Gaynor
    A. G. Studios

  4. Donna Hinkley

    I’ve always wanted to create my own resources for my students, but it just felt so overwhelming, and I didn’t know where to start! Melody takes you through the entire process step-by-step (including some steps I hadn’t even thought of) and makes it all feel achievable. I now feel confident that I can create fantastic resources that are a perfect fit for my students.

  5. Nicole

    I have always wanted to create my own resources, but didn’t know where to start. Digital Design School breaks down the steps from everything you need to know about and choose before you start, to how to actually make the resource. The course has definitely given me the confidence to go for it! Melody’s videos are so fun and she is very responsive to questions 🙂 I very highly recommend this course!

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