Inspire Your Teens to Level Up With Video Game Style Piano Music

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Here’s How The Saga Land Series Can Inspire, Motivate, and Keep Your Teenage Students

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Beautiful And Exciting Piano Music That Is Pedagogically Sound, Written In The Style Of Video Game Music 

Imagine a fictional video game set in a “land of epic and endless stories”. The highly themed music draws you into a world of fantasy and imagination. Combine that with accessible, patterned piano pieces that sneak in concepts intermediate students should know, and you’ve got Saga Land.

The Saga Land Series is comprised of 2 digital collections called Saga Land (Video Game Style Adventures for Piano-11 selections) and Saga Land 2 (The Sequel-10 selections). These are both available as studio licensed collections for early to mid-intermediate piano only at


These are a great value!

If you purchase both volumes you get 21 high quality pieces that teens love, and mp3 recordings for all of them. I’ve even made a specially priced bundle of both collections just for this post. Here’s the value breakdown: If you use the series with just 6 students, the cost is only $10 per student. That’s $5 per book per student. That’s $.47 per piece! Also, you will own the mp3s and can conveniently share them to any device you like. You don’t need to login somewhere or get a secret code to listen. Click here to see special pricing for this bundle.

Click below to listen to samples.

Fortress in Clouds, SL
Amazing Maze Race, SL2


Video of Storming the Gate (with introductory chord teaching tips), from Saga Land


What inspired Saga Land?

The Saga Land series was inspired by the beautiful video game music I would hear in my children’s games. Mario Galaxy for wii was one of my favorites as a tired mom (of 3 little boys, at the time), and the first video game that allowed me to see that this style of music could be of a high quality and well-composed. On cold days when my youngest son wanted to log in to this one-player game after kindergarten and lunch, it was zen time for mom! The other-worldly visuals and the spacious, soothing music lulled me into relaxation. Instead of trying to avoid the escapism that video games offer (my usual), I actually started to become a fan of being transported by the video game’s music.

Then I heard the fabulous soundtrack to the game “Dancing Line.” If you haven’t checked this out, you need to. It’s a simple app-based game that requires you to tap the screen in the rhythm of the soundtrack to guide your line through various maze-like levels. The music is well-written and appeals to a wide range of ages. This realization got me thinking, why not create beautiful video game music without the video game? And then I went a step further and decided I could even make it good for you!

Click below if you’d like to hear a short sample of the Dancing Line music.

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