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Digital Resource Design School

For Piano Teachers

What is Digital Resource Design School?

Digital Resource Design School is the only all-inclusive program for developing and designing professional piano teaching resources.

It is the only step-by-step video course of its kind that takes you through every single aspect of resource design: From imagining, to developing, to designing and creating professional piano teaching resources that will help your students thrive!

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By the end of This program you will have:


a unique idea for a high-quality piano teaching resource or series of resources


and created that resource with sound pedagogical principles in mind


beautiful fonts, clipart, and graphic design tips to make your resource stand out from the crowd


the correct way to follow copyright and trademark law as you create your resource


a beautiful cover image and preview images for your professional resource

Expertly Recorded

and edited a short preview video to highlight the strengths of your high-quality resource

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is digital resource design school right for you?

Digital Resource Design School is right for you if...

  • You want to learn how to create high-quality professional-level resources

    But you don't know where to start

  • You need help with clipart and fonts

    So you can combine them into an educational resource with an attractive and professional format that students will love

  • Copyright and trademark information is overwhelming

    And you need help wading through that information to be sure you are following the law when creating resources

  • You want to sell your resources

    But you don't even have a website, and you have no idea where to begin

  • You Need Step By Step Guidance

    Through every part of the process

And That's Where I come In!

In the pre-recorded course videos, I will teach you step by step how to develop, design, and create professional-level piano teaching resources, even if you’ve never designed anything before!

This program will teach you everything you need to know and give you the tools and resources you need to design high-quality, in-demand resources just like these.

Let me be your personal guide

Let me teach you my own personal product creation blueprint that I’ve used for the past seven years to create high-quality, in-demand piano teaching resources that are being used by piano teachers and students around the world.


Computer keyboard, flowers, and glasses on a white desk

Digital Resource Design School

Your step-by-step personal and professional guide to designing exceptional, high-quality, outstanding piano teaching resources!​

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