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Three Rules for A Magical, Musical, Moving Piano Performance

Increase your students’ musicality instantly! If your students follow these 3 rules, they will be on their way to learning how to create magical, musical, moving performances every time they play the piano. Recital performances will improve, lessons will be more fun, and home practice will be much more motivating! Check out these piano teaching tips and help your students, even young beginners, learn how to play musically from the very first piano lesson.

Create Quick & Easy Word Art Gifts for Your Students

Creating quick, easy, and affordable DIY word art gifts for your piano students isn’t a new idea, but the idea keeps popping up because it’s terrific! Follow my step-by-step tutorial and you’ll learn how to make printable, beautiful, and affordable gifts for your piano students in no time!

How to Create Gorgeous Photo Backdrops for Piano Recitals

There are so many different kinds of decorations that you can use as backdrops for your recital photos, how are you supposed to know what to choose? Click here to learn what kind of photo backdrops I’m currently hooked on in my studio, how to make decorating a breeze, and how to host the most beautiful piano recital your studio has ever seen with these gorgeous backdrops for piano recitals!

How to Use Advanced Font Features in Keynote for Mac

Make the fonts on your social media images, blog images, and other online pictures pop by using advanced font features in Keynote for Mac! Create stunning Instagram overlays, design beautiful cover images for your shop, create unique images for your blog posts, design professional piano recital programs, and take them to the next level with this simple idea!

Fun and Affordable Gift Ideas for Your Piano Students

Choosing gifts for your piano students can be fun and easy with this free list of over 50 gift ideas! Grab the free download and you’ll see tons of fun gift ideas that are musical, non-musical, cheap, customizable, DIY, and fun! Perfect for recitals, stocking stuffers, Christmas, birthdays, or whenever you need a special treat for your piano students!

How to Plan an Amazing Piano Recital with this Free Recital Planning Guide

Is your studio recital coming up soon? Need help organizing the details (decorations, food, gifts, and awards) and planning the perfect piano recital? My free piano recital planning guide and checklists can make the process efficient, stress-free, and easy! Download the free guide and start planning the easiest piano recital you’ve ever hosted!

How to Prepare for a Christmas Piano Recital

Is your piano recital coming up soon? Need help organizing the details (costume ideas, festive and easy decorations, food, student gifts, certificates & awards) and planning the perfect recital? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Learn how to throw the most amazing piano recital your studio has ever seen: fantastic performances, beautiful decorations, and the perfect programs! Visit the blog to learn more!


Hi! I’m Melody Payne, a pianist and piano teacher, educational resource author, a fun-loving wife to the most wonderful and talented hubby I could ask for, and a lifelong learner who loves to share. I want to make your life as a music teacher easier by writing and sharing helpful and relevant music teaching articles, and by creating educational resources with your very own students in mind. If you are a parent who wants to enroll your child in piano lessons, I’d love for us to get started building those skills that can give your child a lifetime of musical enjoyment!

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